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Q. I can't afford to get treated for depression? What can I do? A. There are several options which will help you get either free or low-cost treatment for your depression, especially if you live in the US. I have compiled these into a list which I will continue to update as I find new resources. If you know of resources that are not on this list, please write to me at depresison.guide@about.com. View the list now
February 25, 2014 at 12:33 am
(1) Karson says:

I think its bullhshit that therapy is so much and those who need it can’t get it. what’s wrong with this.

The sliding pay scale hardly helps.. insurance still means you pay 50 bucks a pop just for an hour conversation..??!! that’s unbelievable.

I’ve needed therapy for 10 years badly and its been a joke.

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