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Low-Carb SnacksSex and Stress

Paxil, Seroxat (paroxetine)


Paxil and Alcohol

Paxil Experiences

Paxil and Menstrual Cycle

A Second Thread about Menstrual Cycle and Paxil


"Brain Shivers"


Withdrawal - Links to Online Guide

How to Cope with Withdrawal?

Can't Sleep for Up to 48 Hours

Weight Gain


Opinions about Paxil

Switching from Paxil to St. John's Wort



Prozac and Paxil Together

Switching from Prozac to Paxil


Sexual Dysfunction

Antidepressant Toxicity

Sexual Dysfunction/Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Dizzy Spells

Sexual Dysfunction


Put on 45lbs.

Loss of Appetite

Put on 50 lbs.


Sexual Dysfunction

Gave Me Panic Attacks

Took 3 Months to Get off It

What Medication Were You Taking When You Experienced "Brain Shivers"?

Helps Anxiety

Paxil and Pot

Didn't Help Panic Disorder

Short-Term Memory

Lightheadedness, Dizziness, Low Blood Sugar

Gained 30 lbs.

Lost Touch with Creative Abilities, Feelings

Made Me Suicidal

Doctor Says Safe during Pregnancy

Joint Pain/Neurological Problems

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