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Childhood Depression Research

Clinical research is very important in helping doctors learn what is the safest, most effective way to treat childhood depression. The idea of allowing one's child to participate in it, however, can create much confusion and fear for parents. These articles will help you understand just what clinical research is and how it can benefit you.

Depression Research and Treatment for Your Child
When it comes to your child's depression, you may wonder whether they still need individualized treatment while participating in a depression research study.

FAQs About Depression Research and Your Child
Frequently asked questions about depression research in children by parents are addressed and discussed.

Research Costs, Compensation and Time
When it comes to depression research and your child, you will want to consider the costs of research. Cost may include time and money spent. Some depression research studies offer compensation to participants to make up for their inconvenience.

The Risks and Benefits of Research Participation for Your Child
The benefits of research on children are endless. When it comes to the field of mental health and depression research it is important for the advancement of knowledge. However, research on children does not come without risks. Parents should weigh the risks and benefits of research prior to participation.

What Is Clinical Research?
Clinical research is an important part of the advancement of mental and physical health. When choosing to enroll your child in clinical research, it is important to understand its definition.

What to Consider About Depression Research on Kids
If you are considering enrolling your child in a depression research study, there is a lot to consider. This article will help you understand why depression research is important, what you can expect when your child participates in it and how it can be beneficial to your child.

What to Expect When Your Child Is a Research Volunteer
When your child is a research volunteer, it can be a frightening prospect. Knowing what to expect can aid in making a confident decision.

Why Research on Children With Depression Is So Important
Research on children with depression is a hugely important step for understanding the disorder and developing safe and effective prevention and treatment efforts.

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