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Depression Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of depression.
  1. Childhood Depression Symptoms
  2. Anxiety (2)
  3. Fatigue (2)

Are My Depression Symptoms Are Getting Better?
Knowing when your symptoms are beginning to improve can be tricky, especially in the early stages of treatment. Learn how to tell if your depression is getting better.

Atypical Depression Symptoms
Despite the name, atypical depression is actually very typical. Learn how it differs from other types.

Can You Be Depressed but Not Know It Yet?
Is it possible for a person to be depressed but not know it?

Depression Symptoms
A list of the most common depression symptoms and what variations an individual might experience in those symptoms.

Dysthymia Symptoms
Q. What are the DSM-IV criteria for Dysthymic Disorder?

How Does Depression Affect Health?
How does having depression affect our general physical health?

Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Depression Symptoms?
Is there a difference between male and female depression symptoms?

Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms
Q. What are the symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder?

What Are the Signs of Depression?
How do you recognize the signs of depression in a friend?

Major Depressive Episode Symptoms
Q: What is a Major Depressive Episode, according the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria?

PMDD Symptoms
Do you have PMS or could it be PMDD symptoms?

Seasonal Depression Symptoms
If you experience seasonal depression symptoms, mainly during the shorter days of winter, you may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

What Are the Signs of Severe Depression?
There is actually no consensus agreement about what the signs of severe depression are. However, the following are some of the signs and symptoms which are used by various segments of the medical community to identify severe depression.

What Do Depression Symptoms Feel Like?
You are probably familiar with depression symptoms, such as a depressed mood and a loss of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, but what does it really feel like to have depression?

What Does Clinical Depression Feel Like For You?
Those of us who have clinical depression know that there is a world of difference between what we are feeling and the ordinary sadness that "normal" people sometimes feel. Share your comments about what depression feels like to you and how it has been different from ordinary sadness.

What Is Agitated Depression?
Q. What is agitated depression?

What Is Rumination?
What is rumination, how does it relate to depression and how can one stop doing it?

What Is Wrong With Me?
What is wrong with me? I'm always tired, can't sleep, cry all the time and just feel like I want to die.

Why Do I Crave Sugar, Carbs and Chocolate?
Q. Why do I crave sugar, carbs and chocolate?

Why Do I Feel So Sad?
Why do I feel so sad? Could clinical depression be the reason why I feel this way?

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