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Diagnosis of Depression

Tools to aid in making the diagnosis of depression.

Could You Be Misdiagnosed?
Could you be misdiagnosed with depression and actually have bipolar disorder?

Is There a Blood Test for Depression?
Is there a blood test to diagnose depression? What tests might be given to a person with depression?

How Is Depression Diagnosed?
How is depression diagnosed? What criteria are used? Is there a test that can be used to diagnose depression?

I Think I'm Depressed, Now What?
So you think you may be depressed and you are wondering what kind of doctor you should see for your treatment? Get expert answers here.

Is It Clinical Depression Symptoms or Sadness?
We all feel sad from time to time, but when does it go beyond sadness and need treatment?

Psychological Testing for Depression in Children
Psychological testing may be employed to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan for your child. It may also be used to confirm a depression diagnosis and determine the severity of symptoms. While psychological testing may sound intimidating, knowing what to expect can help relieve anxiety for parents and children.

Top 6 Things You Should Know About the Diagnosis of Depression
The top 6 things you should know about the diagnosis of depression, including the symptoms of depression, how it is diagnosed and the most common types of depression diagnoses.

What Is a Provisional Diagnosis Vs. Differential Diagnosis?
Q: I had an assessment done by a psychiatrist, and on the report was a provisional diagnosis and a differential diagnosis. I'm not too sure what they mean. Can you help?

Why Are More People Being Diagnosed With Depression?
Q. Why does it seem to be that more and more people are being diagnosed with depression?

How the DSM-5 Differs From the DSM-IV
What changes were made to the diagnosis of depression in the latest edition of the DSM?

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