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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition can have a strong influence on your mood. Learn what dietary changes you can make to eat well and feel better.

A Vitamin a Day Keeps Depression Away
Treating your depression may be as simple as treating a vitamin deficiency. From your About.com Guide to Depression.

Best Diet for Depression
What is the best type of diet for depression? Are their certain types of foods and nutrients that I should be eating more of?

Best Foods for Depression
What types of foods are best for relieving depression symptoms?

Chromium for Depression
Information about the mineral chromium, which may be helpful for the increased appetite and carbohydrate craving symptoms of certain types of mood disorder, such as atypical depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Do Bananas Increase Serotonin?
You may have heard the rumor that bananas can increase your brain serotonin level and relieve depression, but is this really true?

Eat Fish for a Healthy Baby, Happy Mom
A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as found in seafood, can be good for postpartum depresson, researchers have found.

Food and Mood
Did you know those carbohydrate and chocolate cravings may be an attempt to self-medicate your depression?

How Modern Eating Habits May Contribute to Depression
Guest writers Ron Hoggan M.A. & James Braly M.D. discuss how the eating patterns of our prehistoric ancestors may not have prepared us for our modern day diet. From your About.com Guide to Depression.

Inositol for Depression
Is inositol an effective alternative to prescription medications for depression?

Weight Matters
Read what one diet expert says is the answer for antidepressant weight gain.

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