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Not Getting PMDD Relief from Evening Primrose Oil


Updated May 09, 2013

Question: Not Getting PMDD Relief from Evening Primrose Oil
I'm currently taking Evening Primrose Oil and have gotten some relief from my PMDD symptoms, but not enough. What else can I do?
Answer: I'm curious how long you have been taking EPO and what percentage of GLA it contains? I ask because I've had such spectacular results with my own PMDD. I used to get like the lady in the Sarafem ads every month, the one fighting with her shopping cart. Like you, I'm probably perimenopausal. I'm 36 and have seen many changes in my cycles these past couple of years, including the mood swings. EPO has made a dramatic difference. Recommendations I've seen for it's use say to take 3000 mg containing 12% GLA daily for the first 12 weeks to rebuild your GLA stores and then take 1000-2000 mg daily thereafter for maintenance. Many brands I've checked out do not contain this amount. Some do not even bother to tell you the percentage of GLA. The brand I am using, which I like very well, is called EFAMOL Evening Primrose Oil and is made by Nutricia. I get it at GNC. This is just me, but I would probably make certain that I had been taking an adequate amount of EPO before giving up on that avenue. Many people are deficient in GLA--especially if their diet is poor-- and it can wreak havoc with your hormonal balance.
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