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Holiday Blues

The holidays can be a time of loneliness and sadness for many people. Learn more about this time of seasonal depression and get tips on how to cope.

A Not So Happy Holiday
Holiday support for those dealing with infertility or the loss of a baby from Robin Weiss, Pregnancy Guide.

An Oasis for the Lonely
Need a break from cupids, hearts and flowers?  You're not alone!  Tips for creating your own oasis from loneliness.

Bah, Humbug!
Bipolar Guide Marcia Purse shares her personal experience in dealing with SAD during the holidays.

Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas for the Depressed
Gift ideas for depressed friends and loved ones, suggested by our members. These gifts would appropriate for a birthday, Christmas or any other gift-giving occasion.

Depressed Children are Prone to Holiday Blues
The stress of the season may actually lead to the holiday blues in depression-prone children. Stress caused by recent loss of family members or significant life changes, like divorce, are often unavoidable. Parents may be able to ease the impact of the stress on their children.

Does a White Christmas Make You Blue?
Tips for coping with Holiday Blues. From your About.com Guide to Depression.

Getting Together with Family
Family times are dreaded by some because of the memories which they bring back. Leonard Holmes suggests ways to manage family-related holiday stress.

Gift Ideas for the Depressed
Do you need a gift idea for someone you care about who is depression? Try one of these gift ideas, appropriate for Christmas, Birthdays or just about any occasion.

Holiday Blues and Seniors
There are special emotional dangers for seniors at this time of year. Our Senior Health Guide has excellent advice for coping.

Holiday Stress Survival Kit
An article from guest author Sharyn Alden outlining steps you can take to reduce your holiday stress.

How to Cope With Holiday Blues
Q: The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are always a time of depression for me. What can I do to cope this year?

Increase in Holiday Suicide Is a Myth
Do suicides really increase around the time of the holidays? Learn the truth here.

When Grief Comes Home for the Holidays
During the coming season of family togetherness you may be feeling like you just can't cope with a loved one's absence. Tips from those who have been there for getting through the holidays and healing from grief. From your About.com Guide to Depression.

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