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How to Choose a Doctor

Do you need to see your family doctor, a psychologist, psychiatrist or a counselor? How to choose the best doctor or therapist for your needs

5 Tips for Finding a Child Psychologist
Finding a psychologist for your child with depression can be a confusing process. These five tips can help you to find a good fit for your child and the whole family.

Choosing a Therapist
Do you know what to look for in a therapist? These tips can help you choose the best person for your needs.

How to Get Free or Low-Cost Depression Treatment
Perhaps the only thing worse than depression is having depression and not being able to afford treatment. I frequently get letters from those of you who are in just this predicament. I've collected here all of the free and low-cost resources and ideas that I've come across.

I Think I'm Depressed, Now What?
Do you suspect that you might be depressed, but you're not quiet sure what sort of doctor you should see? When it comes to treating depression not all doctors are created equally.

Seeking Help for Your Child's Depression
How to get help for your depressed child.

What Do All Those Initials After the Names Mean?
What do all those initials after a person's name mean? Learn what the various degrees, license and certifications are that your doctor or therapist may possess.

What Is the Difference Between Counseling and Psychotherapy?
Although counseling and psychotherapy share some similarities, there are important differences as well.

What Type of Doctor Should I See for Depression Treatment?
Q: What type of doctor should I see for depression treatment?

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