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Chat Room and Forum Rules



Updated September 19, 2011

Intent of this section: To keep our room safe and reasonably on-topic.
  • Triggering topics are allowed. Triggering topics include by are not limited to: suicide, self-injury, rape, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. Discussions which involve "how to's", graphic details or encourage others to hurt themselves are not allowed. Suicide threats are not allowed (e.g. I am planning to OD tonight), but you may discuss your feelings about suicide. If a topic is a "trigger" for you, it is your responsibility to learn coping strategies to use when this topic comes up. Some suggested strategies are: put those people discussing it on ignore until the topic changes, take a buddy into PC with you for support or temporarily remove yourself from the room.
  • Joking and having fun are permitted provided that it is not interfering with the ability of other members to seek and give support. If even one person is in need, members will be asked to get serious until that person has been assisted. Remember, our primary purpose is to offer each other support.
  • Cybersex and picking up "dates" is not allowed in this chat.
  • Sex is off-topic unless it is within the context of your depression or medication side-effects.
  • You may be asked to change topics if the topic is controversial and is creating a great deal of arguing in the room. Religion is one example of such a topic.
  • Jokes which are off-color, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive are not permitted.
  • No spamming the forum or chat room with advertizements of any type.
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