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Chat Room and Forum Rules

Polite Behavior


Updated September 19, 2011

Intent of this section: To make this a pleasant user experience with minimal distractions.
  • All caps is considered to be shouting. Please don't use it.
  • Don't monopolize the screen by posting excessively long song lyrics, long stories or jokes, or other off-topic messages.
  • Don't make the same post in multiple forum folders.
  • About is an English language site. We request that all members use English in the Depression chat rooms. If English is not your first language, you are welcome to speak to others in your native language provided that these conversations are held in private chat. If English is your first language, but you wish to practice what you have learned of another language they are several chat rooms available around the Internet where you can practice. We suggest that you practice in those and come to About Depression solely for seeking depression support. The use of languages other than English in the chat is distracting to others and does not allow for your full participation in the group.
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