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Mental Health Screening Tests

Are you looking for a mental health screening test? This is a collection of tests to screen for the possible existence various mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Alcoholism Test
While you are taking a depression self test, consider taking this test as well. Alcohol is often used as a means to self-medicate depression.

Am I Depressed?
Do you think you may be suffering from clinical depression? This simple depression self test cannot replace an evaluation by a professional, but it can familiarize you with depression symptoms and give you an idea if you may meet the diagnostic criteria for clinical depression.

Am I Getting Better?
Take this test now to see if you need to seek help and take it again later to see if your treatment is working.

Anxiety Disorder Facts Quiz
How much do you know about anxiety disorders? Take our quiz and test your knowledge.

Anxiety Symptoms Quiz
Panic and anxiety disorders are often co-morbid with depression symptoms. Do you have the symptoms of an anxiety disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder Test
Do you, or someone you know, have the symptoms of borderline personality disorder? Take this quiz and find out.

Depression Knowledge Quiz
Do you have all the facts about depression? Take the Knowledge Quiz and find out!

Depression Knowledge Quiz II
A follow up to our popular Depression Knowledge Quiz with even more questions to test whether you have all the facts when it comes to depression.

Manic Episode Screening Test
Are you currently diagnosed with depression, but suspect you may actually have bipolar disorder? Our Manic Episode Screening Test can help you become familiar with the symptoms of mania and determine if you may have experienced a manic episode in the past.

PTSD Screening Test
Are you experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? This screening test can help you determine if you need to seek help.

Suicide Myths Quiz
When it comes to suicide, myths and half-truths abound. Test your knowledge about suicide myths and facts with our Suicide Myths Quiz.

Postpartum Depression Test
Have you not been feeling like yourself since the birth of your baby? Screen yourself here for postpartum depression.

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