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Postpartum Depression Test

Instructions: This test is based on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, a test which is used to screen for postpartum depression. It has ten questions. To take the test, select the radio button for the answer that most closely matches how you have felt during the past seven days; then, click "Next Question" to move to the next question. After you have answered all of the questions, you will be provided with an assessment of how likely it is that you are suffering from postpartum depression symptoms. Remember, an online test cannot replace a visit to a doctor. If you are having any doubts about whether you need help, it is better for you and the baby to err on the side of caution and talk with a doctor about how you are feeling.


Cox, J.L., Holden, J.M., and Sagovsky, R. 1987. Detection of postnatal depression: Development of the 10-item Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. British Journal of Psychiatry 150:782-786.

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