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Contrary to popular belief, self-injury often has more to do with survival than with suicide.

Go Ask Ogre - Author Interview
"Go Ask Ogre" peers into the world of a misfit "cutter" teen, who, with devastating honesty and deadpan humor, illustrates the horrors of her life and rises above them through confessional letters.

Recovering from Self-Injury
To recover from self-injury it is crucial to replace it with a more positive coping skill.

Self-Injury Factsheet for Parents
Self-injury factsheet for parents of children who self-injure.

Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves
For friends and family of those who self-injure.

How to Keep Yourself Safe
Tips for self-injurers who are trying to keep themselves safe and avoid the urge to hurt themselves.

Research About Self-Harm
A collection of research articles about self-injury.

Secret Shame
An award-winning FAQ about Self-Injury.

Self-Injury News
A compilation of self-injury news articles maintained by SIARI. Updated monthly.

Self-Injury: A Struggle
"My name is Gabrielle and I am twenty-one years old. I have been hurting myself for over four years. Now I want to share my story with other people who self-injure (SI) so that they know that they are NOT alone, and with their friends and family."

Tips for Helpers and Significant Others
Tips for friends and family who are trying to help a self-injurer.

Treatment of Adolescent Female Self-Injury
About the treatment of adolsecent female self-injury in a residential treatment center setting. Article from 4Therapy.com.

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