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Readers Respond: Dealing With Depression

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Updated September 30, 2011

Is this consider depression?

Im a female. Was been raped daily when im 7 by nanny's son. Parent too afraid to call cop. Horror stopped when im 8. We shifted house. Now im 25, im a lesbian since young, life wasnt as smooth as i wan it. Gf left me a my thinking is too explicit. Everyday i have no mood to work.juz wanna hide under blanket, hate crowds, no interest in doin anything. Only wan be with my gf. With her company, i feel better. But she betrayed me, she lied to me and had a bf actually. I spent over $30k on her. Im left with nothing. Parent kept saying im stupid im lazy im wadeva. I felt so useless. Cried till the tear dried up. I wan to die. If i die eeryhing solve. Dont bullshit say teres pple loved me. Nobody does. Nobody!
—Guest Yvonne

Sweet 16 :(

I spend my whole life disappointed. Disappointment from my family, friends, and even myself. I've made big changes in my life and no one seem to like it! The only person who is close to me is my dad, and there are days where I don't even want to see his face. I am the youngest of 5 children. From what I hear, I'm suppose to be drowned in joy. I'm suppose to have my parents wrapped around my fingers. The truth is that my brothers and sisters failed them in some way, and now the pressure is put on me! I can't even count the times I had mental breakdowns. The one thing I do the most of now is twitch. Every time I think of them, I twitch. When I see people smile, I just want to take a knife and take that smile off of their faces! I vision myself taking a gun and leaving this miserable world just like Kurt Cobain. I'm tired of seeing the people around me receive all the love. I'm the only one who know that they don't deserve it! I'm the one who need it, but I don't know if I really want it.

Am exhausted

I am so so tired of my depression. It is so very very pervasive and continuous. It comes and goes and comes and goes each time leaving me more and more exhausted. I am two people: the me that is happy and outgoing and the me that is depressed and its exhausting. I am so so very tired.


depression hurts. i was in a terrible car accident my junior year of high school. i was in the hospital and rehab for a few months. i had a traumatic brain injury.. i had to learn everything again.. walk talk you name it i've learned..again. i lost all my friends when i came back to school. it was rele hard for me. my "best friend" was the driver. we no longer talk. i know she feels guilty but she hurt me most jus by not being my friend. i finally talked to my mom about getting on an anti depressant. it has helped tons and its affordable. this month [september] is rele hard for me i'm vey emotial because four years ago.. my life totally flipped around. but i've found who my true friends are.. the ones that stuck by myside even after everything i had been through. they were there to help me but i was always sad because all i wanted was my best friend back.. hopefully someday soon i can put this all in the past.. it's changed me forever..
—Guest Chloe

It's time.

I am 21. I've suffered from depression and anxiety since I was sixteen. The one time I saw a doctor, I was told off for been immature and my mother was told the only reason I was acting 'off' was that I wanted to avoid school. I'm going back tomorrow. Haven't a clue what I'll say, but I'm doing it. Finally.
—Guest Someone

i will survive

i have been battling depression my entire life. I finally came face to face with it about 10yrs ago. I tried medications. Did not like how they changed me while they helped me. So after some deep thinking i found what works for me. I had always heard about people's triggers. What makes them depressed? I turned the trigger question around. What makes me happy,puts a smile on my face. I have many happy triggers now. But sometimes i still lose the fight but only for a short time. I have learned for every high there is a low,for every low there is a high. Maybe not right that instant but it is coming.


Im 13 and around my friends I seem happy but when I go to bed I feel worthless. Last year the girl I loved started to hate me for rumors she thought I spread. We always were together she was kind,caring,respectful, and hot. The only thing that keeps me going is rise against songs. My friend Ted was the only one of my friends to notice my few signs of depression. But he's going to move in with his dad so I wont see him anymore. I can't really tell anyone how I feel because no one is around to talk. I often think of suicide, but then I start drawing and postpone those thoughts.
—Guest Mike

as long as I can remember

As long as i can remember, I have always felt alone. Often I have thought of hurting myself, but think my way around it eventually. I was not a good student, yet I know I am smarter than most of the people around me. I was not good at sports until I disobeyed my parents and played hockey. I was a goalie for years and got pretty good at it until injury after injury stopped me from playing. I have had a long run of failures at jobs, schools and relationships. Now I am 39, married and have a 1 year old and I am stuck without a job and can't go back to the line of work I was in due to multiple back injuries, I hurt all the time and all I want to do is go to work, provide for my family and play a little hockey. Now we are in bankruptcy, I have run out of disability and getting unemployment, can't find a good job and looking like we are losing the house. What can a guy do? My wife does not understand me and I have no close friends to confide in. Except my Macbook
—Guest Old Fart

I need this sorting

The only number I dont really have is 3 about the weight. All especially the last few is exactly how i feel all the time one or two days then fine the next then back feeling like this then fine the next. Im trying to hold this together but its getting worse. ive been like this for a year but the last few months have been really up and down, and the feelings stronger and stronger. i hate it
—Guest Me

depress after break up

even though im having such a great time with my friends i still feel like im useless and like theres no one who will ever care about me, i want to saty in my bed alone most of the time i try to sleep the most posible i know im 22 and i should be stronger but i cant dont know why


I'm just a emotional wreck I've Been crying for a while now I just failed on everything I'm 18 yrs old no I didn't finish highschool neither do I have a job I look at everybody around me there so happy thay accomplished alot and here I am no friends no nothing just crying && crying I'm not myself anymore in everybody can see that I'm such a lowlife !! My mom should hate me so much I'm the oldest nd I didn't amount out to be anybody but a failure I slice myself it' helps me in a way !! I feel ugly && broke && useless I have a man for 5 years now we lost our son wat would of been about 2 && 2009 since then I couldn't get pregnant since nd tht makes me feel even more worthless I just wanna die wat am I living for?! Plz tell me I cnt do this !! I just cnt omg
—Guest Lece

I knew it

I had a dream one night and the following week I felt down guilty and very very sad. I have just turned 13 an d I showed all the signs and didn't know how to feel and I wondered if anyone noticed.
—Guest Ad$

Went through it

I was depressed, then I went to the dr. Got on Paxol. Started doing things that I used to like. Started exercising so I could ween myself from the Paxol. and started feeling like my old self again. Talked to God a lot, and have found ways to cope with it. We all get stuck from time to time. Just don't let it take over. Get up off your feet and do something about it. Don't let depression take you down. You can overcome it!! YOu just have to want it.
—Guest guestTammy

My Life

I have been depressed for 3 years now. I have never been to a psychiatrist or any therapist yet. I know that would help, but I'm just afraid other people will find out that I have problems. I guess I'm just afraid of being judged. I'm a 23yr old grad student & life seems stressful @ times. I think about suicide, but I refuse to take that route. I AM strong & I WILL make it. My uncle committed suicide when he was 19 and I think about how that affected my mother & her family & friends. Suicide should NEVER be the route! I think that if you REALLY try & you are upfront with at least your close friends, if not a therapist, then anyone can make it! Positive thoughts trigger more positive thoughts, so I get those negative thoughts out! Don't let the negative cycle. That is key & I believe that is what has helped me. Also, I would recommend the movie "Yes Man." After watching that movie I am much more motivated to do things. Movies, music, and activities. Get to it! Don't let life pass you by
—Guest Drew

I don't know what to do

I don't know what to do kill myself or wait and see if my life gets better but I doubt it will. I have no one to talk to . I have an abusive father and a mother who couldn't care less about me or my brothers and sisters! I'm only 15 and I'm already fed up of life i don't remember ever not feeling depressed . I can't go on medication cos my mom wont get them for me . I don't go to school anymore because I got really badly bullied so my life is screwed and there's nothing I can do about it . In some small way reading that there are other people like me helps .
—Guest Cloe

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