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Readers Respond: Dealing With Depression

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Updated September 30, 2011

as long as I can remember

As long as i can remember, I have always felt alone. Often I have thought of hurting myself, but think my way around it eventually. I was not a good student, yet I know I am smarter than most of the people around me. I was not good at sports until I disobeyed my parents and played hockey. I was a goalie for years and got pretty good at it until injury after injury stopped me from playing. I have had a long run of failures at jobs, schools and relationships. Now I am 39, married and have a 1 year old and I am stuck without a job and can't go back to the line of work I was in due to multiple back injuries, I hurt all the time and all I want to do is go to work, provide for my family and play a little hockey. Now we are in bankruptcy, I have run out of disability and getting unemployment, can't find a good job and looking like we are losing the house. What can a guy do? My wife does not understand me and I have no close friends to confide in. Except my Macbook
—Guest Old Fart

I need this sorting

The only number I dont really have is 3 about the weight. All especially the last few is exactly how i feel all the time one or two days then fine the next then back feeling like this then fine the next. Im trying to hold this together but its getting worse. ive been like this for a year but the last few months have been really up and down, and the feelings stronger and stronger. i hate it
—Guest Me

depress after break up

even though im having such a great time with my friends i still feel like im useless and like theres no one who will ever care about me, i want to saty in my bed alone most of the time i try to sleep the most posible i know im 22 and i should be stronger but i cant dont know why


I'm just a emotional wreck I've Been crying for a while now I just failed on everything I'm 18 yrs old no I didn't finish highschool neither do I have a job I look at everybody around me there so happy thay accomplished alot and here I am no friends no nothing just crying && crying I'm not myself anymore in everybody can see that I'm such a lowlife !! My mom should hate me so much I'm the oldest nd I didn't amount out to be anybody but a failure I slice myself it' helps me in a way !! I feel ugly && broke && useless I have a man for 5 years now we lost our son wat would of been about 2 && 2009 since then I couldn't get pregnant since nd tht makes me feel even more worthless I just wanna die wat am I living for?! Plz tell me I cnt do this !! I just cnt omg
—Guest Lece

I knew it

I had a dream one night and the following week I felt down guilty and very very sad. I have just turned 13 an d I showed all the signs and didn't know how to feel and I wondered if anyone noticed.
—Guest Ad$

Went through it

I was depressed, then I went to the dr. Got on Paxol. Started doing things that I used to like. Started exercising so I could ween myself from the Paxol. and started feeling like my old self again. Talked to God a lot, and have found ways to cope with it. We all get stuck from time to time. Just don't let it take over. Get up off your feet and do something about it. Don't let depression take you down. You can overcome it!! YOu just have to want it.
—Guest guestTammy

My Life

I have been depressed for 3 years now. I have never been to a psychiatrist or any therapist yet. I know that would help, but I'm just afraid other people will find out that I have problems. I guess I'm just afraid of being judged. I'm a 23yr old grad student & life seems stressful @ times. I think about suicide, but I refuse to take that route. I AM strong & I WILL make it. My uncle committed suicide when he was 19 and I think about how that affected my mother & her family & friends. Suicide should NEVER be the route! I think that if you REALLY try & you are upfront with at least your close friends, if not a therapist, then anyone can make it! Positive thoughts trigger more positive thoughts, so I get those negative thoughts out! Don't let the negative cycle. That is key & I believe that is what has helped me. Also, I would recommend the movie "Yes Man." After watching that movie I am much more motivated to do things. Movies, music, and activities. Get to it! Don't let life pass you by
—Guest Drew

I don't know what to do

I don't know what to do kill myself or wait and see if my life gets better but I doubt it will. I have no one to talk to . I have an abusive father and a mother who couldn't care less about me or my brothers and sisters! I'm only 15 and I'm already fed up of life i don't remember ever not feeling depressed . I can't go on medication cos my mom wont get them for me . I don't go to school anymore because I got really badly bullied so my life is screwed and there's nothing I can do about it . In some small way reading that there are other people like me helps .
—Guest Cloe

Coping with depression Bipolar

I used to be an introvert in my younger days & have continued to remain an introvert. Used to be a loner. Difficult to make freindships, impossible to keep friendships. Conversations to the barest minimum. Diagnosed with Bipolar in 1993, when 33. Hv been on Lithium since then & lately since 2010, additionally on Carbazine. Over the years, have learnt to cope with rejection, keep myself busy in activities like gardening, manage job without problems. Have a very supportive spouse and kids who accept my ideosyncracies, so live goes on. People- outsiders think I must have blown a fuse or two. I have my mood swings, but these are controlled by Lithium & Tetragyl. Yes, Lithium causes severe tremors at times & occasionally diarhoea as well. The motto is _ KEEP YOURSELF BUSY AT ALL TIMES!!


I'm so thankful upon reading this...I am not alone. I am currently having this depression since I have this very stressful job. I thought I was good at doing things but then this task has broken me and started to break me. I think of myself as useless and stupid employee unable to deliver the necessary work. Being the eldest child doesn't helped either because I am the bread winner on our family. I am deeply stressed with the demands and the responsibility that I am now having. And I am afraid of not fulfilling my duties. Every failure and mistakes I done I count as wounds on my battered ego. I prayed every night that God would take away this burden but I know that this is for meto get stronger. I just hope I can cope up with this depression to get stronger.
—Guest Apathetic

Depression, My experience

My depression started when not committed to superstitutions, like simple as instance, Muslims/Pakistanis are so, indians are better, if not commmitted to them, saying if you are so what I do, may be you are not Muslim/Pakistani, a wrong deeds left with wrong people, then had and have to live with lies, by masters of diets, forcible to speak of them, if not, they speak in my disorder of thoughts, which they start through rigorous dismals, They face their mined in, in every desks and relax with their championship, they are as simple, as total economy and control. The worst depression to me, and is controlled by the faithlessness of Thanks, when they also cum as faithless gods and controls, as do they employ through their controlled economy.
—Guest Rashid Pervez

Im scared

hi. im Allaria and im 14... i suspect im depressed and have recently had thoughts of cutting myself... the one thing that stopped me was my best friend Alex. but lately that hasnt been enough. i feel needlessly guilty about things that i had nothing to do with! and.... im in love with Alex. But he sees me as a friend. which only deepens the sadness and depression i hold with in me... and im scared. i dont know what to do. and im afraid to tell my parents whats going on because they'll send me to a doctor to have me "fixed" as they would put it.
—Guest Allaria


i know im depressed.. and it sucks.. i have 6 kids and recieve no support what so ever..not even from dhs... I sometimes feels that i dont want my kids anymore and want to give them away... but i keep little notes everywhere saying that its only the depression talking.
—Guest kelly

i dont know what to do

i dont know if i have depression i have alot of the symptoms and i feel like im never happy anymore and people keep yelling at me because they think i have an eating dissorder i dont know who to talk to and say i think i might have depression and i dont really want to tell my parents lately i feel like just giving up because i feel like im gonna explode because theres alot thats bugging me that i havent gotten to talk about
—Guest dezzy

secret of happiness

How to deal with depression (other than physiological) and life in general. Everyone has a set of blessings and a set of unhappy things( mistakes, losses, disappointments, failures, bad experiences, dashed hopes,dealt a bad hand in life, etc, doesn't really matter your individual story since everyone has plenty of unhappy things in the past or present and problems to deal with) How happy you are along a happiness/unhappiness gradient depends on how much time and which of these 2 sets of things you focus your attention on. If you wake up happy to be alive, count your blessings and strive to do your best in life and choose to be happy , you will be. If you focus your mind on all the unhappy things you can think up, you will always be depressed. A person can learn to control their mind. If you find yourself starting down athough pathway that you know will lead to misery, refuse to continue down it. For problems, don't make them emotional issues. (I ran out of characters to continue)
—Guest Dr. Bob

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Dealing With Depression

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