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Readers Respond: Dealing With Depression

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Updated September 30, 2011

I'm alone

I'm too alone. I don't have friends, boyfriend. I'm happy only because I have a good job,
—Guest Ricky

Depression Success Stories

Hello everyone, I just recovered from my depression which occurring for 3 months! The way I've overcomed it by controlling my thoughts and emotions. A crucial step is to aware and take an initiative to heal yourself. Second step: acknowledge your negative feelings. Just close your eyes, feel your negative feeling, acknowledge it by talking to yourself by naming your negative emotions, Example: when I experiencing sadness, I would say: "Sadness, why are you sad?" "Please come to me now so I can feel you,love you, console you and love you so that I can let you go". After I saying those words within me,I feel more calm, relaxed and there's no negativity emotions playing with you. Second step: I look in the mirror and say, "I Love You,Sandy" (which is me) in the mirror everyday for a month. Third step: I read religious, spiritual and websearching about ways to heal and of course meditation. Hope my advice will help you out. If I can survive it, so can you!
—Guest Sandy

Sunshine with a chance of rain

I just dealt with a back stabbing best friend for the second time in a year. I have decided that I will NOT continue this relationship; BFD! Sick of crying about it and unable to enjoy anything. I am vacationing in Hawaii and have not been able to leave my hotel room for 4 days. Waiting for this to pass, because I love to swim and beach comb, explore sunny places and talk to total strangers. Havn't gotten dressed. I am brushing my teeth and bathing but it is a chore. Just needed to vent and admit it! I have not told anyone back home because I am ashamed that I can't handle this:( There, I said it!
—Guest Kimberly


im 19 with a 6 month old and since she was born ive had dhs andbeen in nd out of court the father my bf cant live withme o r be near his daughter cause of an incidednt that they blame on him. i no he didnt go it and i dnt no how they think he did with no evidence since this has happened i cry alot and think my life will never get better, it feels like someone has hit me in the chest and it wont stop hurting..
—Guest pj

depression and alone

ive gt two kids im on my own. ive just not long broke up with my chap as he chucked me up the wall with my second kid. hes 4 weeks old havent had much support. my exs mum has my 3 year old every friday so wish she didnt i really cant be arsed to do anythink. i always shout at ben even though he trying to help. i feel like ive bin on my own since i was 15. never had no support of any 1as parents left i bin on streets gt almost raped bt managed to run away. the only thing i wanted was to be a better mum then my mum how can i be when im so low. am i dealing with depression ?
—Guest amie

I had lost my love.

I m ali i lived in agra. many times i had try to do commit suicide by putting me in front of train. now i don't want to live more but don't why god always do with me every time i m upset and very much depressed some times that i m alone in this furad world now i hate with "love " word and many other reasons behind this. i realy dont no that when i vl get suicide.
—Guest Ali

depression is terrible

Everything in life is basically okay. I have a loving, caring family, friends and fiancee. I know the Lord loves me and has saved me. Redardless, I dread getting out of bed every morning. I am happy to have relationships but am overwhelmed by the effort of maintaining them. I feel guilty, worthless, lazy, ashamed, selfish, and hopeless. I keep trying to find a solution that will make things better. Being depressed is like being tortured. The things in life like exercise, relationships with friends and family, healthy eating, regular sleep schedule, and getting things done and maintaining responsibilities all make me feel very depressed because they are so hard. It so hard to do even the simplest things. There seems to be no solution. All I want is the pain and hopelessness to end. I want to stay in my room in bed all day every day and never come out ever again. I do not know what to do.
—Guest depression is terrible

trapped forever

Depression attacked me since my mom died I got married early had 2 kids then my dad died my husband is the most controlling and dominating human I pretend i'm happy but I have no choice I feel trapped
—Guest alicia james

Im trying.

Hi, i am 18, and this time last year i was happy in college studying dance and acting with a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend and i had my friends around, now i dont talk to my mum i dropped out of college my friends left me outside a club in the rain so they are gone, my half sisters just talk about me to each other, my boyfriend has been amazing, but im not making him happy anymore and i dont even dance anymore, Lord knows im trying and iv prayed.I hate my bedroom my house my life myself everything. i look down from my balcony and just want to jump and leave everybody like i was left outside that club. please, im scared of what im more than ready to do..
—Guest Charlie

Depression is a control freak

I was diagnosed with depression in 97 shortly after I went to prison for 10 yrs I was released shortly after and tried to re-adjust to society. I had a nice job for 2 years and lost it I had a nice car and lost it I was goin to college and I stop going I had a nice home and i lost it bank accounts everything. I just lose focus.
—Guest Coping


For the past days, I felt so bad. I dont know why. THere are times I want to cry. I want to get mad. I felt so bad. And I have a feeling of being rejected, something like that. I even had a quarrel with my partner, and I feel guilty because I Dont think there's a reason for me to treat him like that. I really dont know what depression is but I think Im experiencing it. Just this morning, I browse the net and search for this word. I cried.. And Im actually crying now cause I realized that Im depressed. My God, Im only 22 yrs old and Im already having this depression. I actually dont know how to overcome this. Im crying really while writing this.. Im crying cause I dont know what to do with this. Im afraid. I might kill myself with this depression. Im so scared. Im so scared. I have no one to talk to. And I dont actually want to share this to my friends or family. I think they cant help me. I think I am the only one who can help myself with this.
—Guest maria

will it end

i was hurt when i was young and for i long time i was angry at the world for being so cruel and unfair a couple of years ago i came to terms with myself and started to realize that all the world isn't bad but now that I've deserted the world for all those years and ignored my feelings i don't know where to start and it has got me feeling more depressed than ever i just want to disappear i hate myself
—Guest lg

Every1 needs help at sum point

Hi im a girl of 22 my mums ill i have no other family apart frm dad that hates me i av no job or friends they all moued on 2 much better things. No matter what i do ie life it goes wrong n i end up peeing sum1 off but yet 3yr ago i had it all family friends boyfriend once 1 went it al5 went but why mayb 4ts just me unlucky for life... Wirh i had guts 2 die
—Guest Every1 needs help at sum point

Only time can help be patient and smile

iv been separated from my partner of thirty years. For the last ten months, there is no day and no night , each day is the same and even thought the sun goes up and down, time stays still with the images flashing through my mind going over and over the same things. since meeting the Crisis Team. Now i find it hard to clean the house, also have two teenage sons 14, and 17 that i try to give some understand as to what i am going through. I thought i had my life in order until i asked my partner to leave because she was cheating regularly on me and i did not need that in my life and carrier, when i was wanting a family unit to share with the world. I love her very much and wish her the best but know there is only me to look after now and it is bloody hard. Trying to be busy helps, writing a journal lets you know what you are thinking. And be selective with who you share with because some people have the worst things to say
—Guest PEACE


Today I could sleep and wish to never wake up....it has been stressful bulding a house I do not want to live in. I so want to live in a small houe with 2 bedrooms ,,my mind is numb and hurtibng I am ill at the thought of moving into such a house...

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