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Readers Respond: What Strategies Have Worked Best for You?

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Updated October 03, 2011

do something enjoyable

i have suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life.The thing I find that helps is do something u enjoy.i will spend time with my horses,spend time in prayer.watch a comedy.visit a NICE friend.take my dog for a walk,.I know that keeping positive hobbies in your life helps build confidence.Try to be around people that build you up not put you down.People also that are non judgemental towards you suffering depression.Also there are depression su[pport groups.I learnt to play the violin and even when i was learning would join groups,even just to watch and learn.
—Guest peggy

i love humans

we are here on earth and we are never alone. all of us are got on here and the god had send us..so never forget that no one cares us..he alwayz see us - if u remember him or not. it's 100% tru that anything happen to us is always for good to us. .
—Guest goodboy

best way to keep ur self away 4m negativ

be clam... be still n stop thinking process by concentrating on ur breathing n feel ur center of heart... start thinking of life whr thr is no tension u clamli still in goa njoying clam air cuming frm sea... or nite ride during winter with loved once.... start concentrating on the beauty of god.... try ur level best to occupy ur thoughts with positive thoughts dnt think wether things affected u sum day back... jst see n remember hapi moment of life...
—Guest chandni

Turn on the Music and Dance

When we listen to the music or a song all our negative thoughts disappear and we first tap legs then nod and actually start enjoying it. We don't wish to stop, we are recharged. (Sometimes just close the windows and the curtains) It works a lot.
—Guest Manik Kulkarni

Suffer through it

I have nobody in my life to talk to, so I keep a journal to write down every day how I am feeling. It is easy to see the consistency when I look through all the pages to find the same painful feelings. I would consider the best way to get rid of my negative thinking, would be to remove the cruel people I have to be around. I could only remove my family from my life. But I still live with and have to associate with several people who treat me like an inferior life form to be demeaned and emotionally abused. If I could stop the negative thinking, they would renew it immediately. All I can do is just try to continue to exist until I finally get released from my life of emotional distress. Just keep remaining alive, since that is the right thing to do. It helps to repeatedly remind myself that someday, I will be done and gone. That is the only thing I can tell myself that is the truth. I don't have the talent of magically feeling happy simply by attempting to distract myself.

Breathe.. Pray... Play...

Kick them off... Believe that you are Unique and none can replace you... whatever scary or negative things come to your mind... Have no fear.. Ask for HIS Blessing and his presence with you... Breathe and Breathe properly.. Drink Plenty of water ( to keep you cool)... Relax... And do what you do to your Best... I certainly agree that excercise or a hobby ( any game or a physical activity) would be of great help...
—Guest Ram.V

Three keys...

Replace negative thoughts w/ positive one's, learn how to relax, & make time to workout.... God WILL see u through! Keep hope alive!!!
—Guest lovelife

turn ur thoughts around

turn ur thoughts around breathe in deeply thru ur mouth n out ur nose close ur eyes to help relax
—Guest mindless

cool hand

To keep from getting mad about the past or present. I ask the Lord to put his cool hand upon my forehead.Shortly after I seem to realize how much I have to be thankfull for.
—Guest paul odro


Whenever a depressive state happens with me I always write it down then think about it after I have somewhat calmed, writing helps you to decipher your thoughts, and don't think about what you're writing, just write then read a few minutes after you have had a few minutes to compose yourself.
—Guest Wolf Listener

What Strategies to Stop Negative Thinkin

When I felt negative, I use to go to the garden and look at the greenary which feel my mind with some kind of complacent feelings and I also go to my worshipping place and look at the Lord Buddha's statue
—Guest Jayaweera


many negative thoughts are associated with some type of addiction or abuse experiences. These are extremely difficult to control as the predisposition present can block a normal thought pattern and indeed, kill any path to happiness. Barring professional help, (which may be neccessary as well), begin by writing all your positive experience down that you can remember from your past. Refer to them often. Even if they are few. Then build on them as they occur. This is the tool of choice if you want to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotional baggage. Tell yourself that you have many good experiences, and try to be aware of new ones when they happen. Remember to log each one and keep it handy for reference. Of course, this plan rely's on your desire to help yourself. Also, write a self assessment of your "good" qualities. If you do this long enough, you'll be surprised of the final effect. Remember, if your ears hear it often enough,you'll believe it.
—Guest mark

Chuck those ANTs

It's true that depression causes negative thoughts but the reverse is also true. Negative thoughts feed depression, makes it worse and prolongs it. Every negative thought you have causes your brain chemistry to keep you in a depression or sink you deeper. You can even feel it if you notice - a negative though feels like you are sinking deeper into a depressed mood. It can even feel overwhelming. Just realize this and knock those negative thoughts out of your mind ASAP. If you can repalce them with a positive thought even better, but if you can't just derail that negative thought the moment you realize its coming and remove it from your concious thought. Sometime you'll want to cling to it and mull it over but just realize that it WILL make you feel worse in the long run so just get rid of it from your mind as soon as you realize its coming.
—Guest Rich

letting go of negative thoughts

My neg. thoughts are usually resentment (the past) or fear (the future). By bringing my attention to the present, the task at hand, weather communicating or physically doing something to be present will take me out of the negative. The problem for me has been to be aware of my thoughts. By being mindful and catching myself when neg. I've found this happening less and less. Also by forgiving others and asking forgiveness I'm able to let go of my neg. thoughts. I have to be aware to get myself out I also have to accept responsibility and cannot blame.
—Guest Mark

To help stop negative thinking

I believe that one of the best ways to stop negative thinking is to realize that it will be a happy ending. we will be in heaven someday and look at this experience and laugh and wonder why we were so worried about it. We will think this in heaven.
—Guest Ron

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