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Readers Respond: The Difference Between Clinical Depression and Ordinary Sadness

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Updated September 23, 2011

From the article: Beyond Sadness
Those of us who have clinical depression know that there is a world of difference between what we are feeling and the ordinary sadness that "normal" people sometimes feel -- sadness that passes within a few hours or days. Clinical depression is more severe and lasting, and has a much greater effect on our ability to function in our daily lives.

Let's help those who are seeking to learn just what clinical depression is. Please share your comments below about how your experience with clinical depression has been different from ordinary sadness.

No one cares for me

No one cares for me because I am not worth it, even telling them that I have depression. They wouldn't believe it. They kept telling me that I'm just sad. Until my activities are all messed up, I can't function well... its been too much. My family isn't helping at all because they kept on forcing me to do stuffs and then my sleeping pattern has been worse. I used to sleep around 9:00pm... but now... I would sleep for 3am. Sometimes 5am... then wake up 12 noon or 1 pm. it sucks to not see the morning daylight anymore... it sucks not to feel the morning breeze because you had to sleep. I miss how much I can sleep... and feel okay. All of this because of depression, and they still think I am fooling around. I am losing my control... I explode most of the time and when I do it is very destructive. No one understands me. No one cares for me.
—Guest lorelei

what is depression and advise

Depression is the worse thing every you will always suffer with it I'm 18 now I was 15 when I first suffered with depression and it lasted till last year and I have been happy since then but it comes and goes it will never go completely its always there waiting for you to fall. No one understands either and you feel alone even though your not there are people out there like friends and family I find my friends who suffer with depression are the only ones who understannd and have the pacence. I think you can have a reason to have depression like before when I suffered with depression when I was 15 to 17 It was because I felt fat, ugly and stupid but you can get rid of it in time it just takes the right person who understands you to tell you what you need to hear. You do feel empty but I do find it made me a better person even though I would have rather never have it as I am currently suffering back with it just don't allow yourself to do anything stupid even if u want to feel the hole
—Guest bianca94

Clinical depression living with it

I am told i have clinical depression i feel only i know what am going through it takes over your life where by you cannot physically or mentally do anything i cant engage in anything even if i want to and yes people say 'snap out' of it if only it was easy as that .. A minute seems like a lifetime i hate feeling this way i just want to be myself again life sucks at the moment small things seem so big when they are not just eating and sleeping is no life but i guess thats the medication i keep being told by professionals its going to take time for the meds to kick in just give it time how much time i hate feeling miserable and not being in control of my life i just want it to go away .. All i can say no one knows what depression is until they go through it themselves .. I dont know how i have got this way but i just know that i want it to go away very soon cause i feel my life is none existent .. Is this life .. No its not i have so much to look forward to but can not get on with it !!
—Guest Abbey

So the PPL I Love know how hard it is..

Depression makes me say Im sorry way too often when I dont want to. Im irritable, impatient, rude, inconsiderate, negative, out of control, unmotivated, tired, confused, anxious, disappointed, dizzy, over sensitive, sad without reason,and mad with reason-because Im all these terrible things. My depression comes and goes, but when it comes it lingers till I feel like Im so worthless that there is no point in trying to cope, no point in putting on a fake smile, no point in talking to anyone. I feel so sad when I think about how lucky I am to have a great, almost perfect, life because the ppl who love me must constantly wonder why Im depressed and all the things mentioned above. Depression is crippling & out of my control. Isolation often feels the easiest because I dont have to let anyone down or hurt anyone or continue to feel the guilt. Im angry because without depression I know I am a good person. When I wake up in the morning I am always disappointed when I feel sad or nothing at all
—Guest Mandi in SH

Am I depressed?

I dwell on the negative. When I cry, pain makes me stop. Does that mean anything? And I think of cutting myself but am too afraid so I just scratch myself
—Guest Confused


I don't know how to start oh well the begining would be a good place....every day that starts for me is full of sadness I wake up with problems I get up worrying about bills debts and then I go to work I look at people and compare them to me and think they don't have any problems like I do if I see a pretty lady I say I'm ugly she's not I look at people Erving nice cars I say look at my bomb and it goes on and on and on. I just want to be normal but I can't because I'm depressed and normal people aren't, my friend are normal and I try to show that I am too but at the end of the I'm not happy. When I go home from work I feel that I haven't achieved anything in my life, what can I do to snap out of it but I come to a dead end I take antidepressants that maybe without then I would feel worse who knows even suicidal not that that hasn't cone to my mind but I know that would hurt my children that's the only people I care for my 2 children. I pray every night that I snap out of it and alls o
—Guest My walls are caving in on me

no more depressed

I used to be depressed for about 15-20 yrs. I wished someone will one day do me a favor and kill me. not anymore! I used a multi-directional approach. a combination of a few methods together always works better than any one alone. I changed my diet to an extremely healthy one, read self-help books, mild exercise and took supplements. In my diet I stopped caffeine, cocoa, sugar, gluten, trans-fats, corn sweeteners and food coloring. For self-help books I found onlinetopics that apply to my condition. Supplements, I found, need to be top quality for the quality effect. I use Shaklee or Zahlers. Following is the list: 5,000 iu vitamin D, double dose omega-3, magnesium, multi and ashwaghanda.

Living With Depression

Everything you've ever done wrong is stuck in your head, playing over and over again. Every embarrassing, painful moment. Over and over. When you aren't numb, you can only pick up pain, sadness, despair, anger. Happiness? What a strange word - what does it mean? You're being smothered, trapped under a heavy black blanket. It's hard to move, to breathe, to feel. What do you mean "when did it cover me up"? Hasn't it always been here? Won't it always be here? Pain is the easiest thing to feel. Often, it's pain or nothing at all. And when you draw blood, watching it is like watching all of the anxiety and fear and sadness and all of the utter despair drain out of you. It's bad, they say, to do this. And you feel guilty. But you won't stop. Your friends, your family, whoever says it's worth it. You'll feel better. But will you? You're just so tired. Nothing you try has ever worked, and now you're too tired to try anything else. Is a life spent in constant misery really worth living?
—Guest winterwolf

really sick of it

i've been depressed for 30 years and recent events have made me move to stop this shit. haven't ever seen a doc as that wouldn't work for me anyway because the things i've done to people who love me won't stop haunting me. really I've had enough of this shit. i also know when the time will come, i'm a completely lost case. Others should try the medical route, but personally i'm not worth the effort.
—Guest sick of this shit

just saying

...not sure why I write here. I hate me. I eat some pills. I don't like whining... Sometimes suicidal, once I remember I was almost happy.
—Guest Iam 9876?

A misunderstood disease

For sufferers of the disease is hard to describe and for others is hard to understand. I am 22 and i am depressed since I was 16/17. It's hard... We try to snap out everyday and we just can't... Sometimes people don't understand, even when we make strong efforts to explain. I just can't remember how is normal sadness, I only know what is being sad every day, every moment... Sometimes I want to fall asleep and don't wake up, because when i am sleeping i am not feeling this emptyness, this meaningless life... We have to pretend that everything is OK and put that meaningless and false smiles on the face. The time continues to pass and suffering does not end. Sorry for the bad english. I am portuguese.
—Guest lost_soul

Another is Pain

There is too much anger and hatred to let out but what I did was I remained quiet and calm. It is not me. I smiled and yet I know it was not I meant. Another is called pain in my life when every single person I love then turned to be my hate. I wanted to scream and yet I just face at people when I know it's really sad. but the only thing I can do now is express it although I am already tempted by violence. as far as I could do being be able to let it out is the best remedy because someday I am gonna let people show the real me.
—Guest | cout |

My experience

It is horrible, I noticed no one else has mentioned the irritability. I am so sensitive I get overly upset with people over simple little things. I obsess also on mostly negative things that have happened in the past. Sometimes there is a heavy feeling or a feeling like things that are happening are not real. Plus some of the symptoms others have mentioned like not being able to sleep but not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and strong feelings of guilt. It's hereditary for me, My family has a long history of alcohol abuse and suicide though I have felt like suicide and attempted it once when I was younger. The only reason I would want to do it is to not feel this way anymore. I would never do it because of my family. I am lucky enough that Zoloft helps me with very few noticeable side effects. Problem is sometimes I forget to take it when I am feeling better and forget how much I need it.
—Guest joyce3001


I have been clinicly depressed for two years, and I am only thirteen. The difference between depression and regular saddness is that depression doesn't go away, and you have no reason to be depressed. It is an empty feeling in your stomache, that nothing can fill, it's a lingering dread, hanging over your head as you put on your happy face and go on with your life. Depression is something that you just don't want. It makes the sweetest person you could meet, and turn them into an unreachable soul, that's unwilling to talk to anyone. It makes you hate yourself, and others around you. Why did this happen to me? I honestly do not know, but I wish it hadn't. Depression sucks.
—Guest GuestNea

worst scenario

You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy! If you want to list the top ten worst things that have happened to you, this is an understatement. A relapse is worse and so debilitating. A senseless disease that threatens your body and soul. Sucked into a whirlpool or dark pit wondering when the light at the end of the tunnel would appear, if ever...
—Guest kim
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