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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

Dodnt know

I m 27 i have no job money or bf .sometime i feel soi low that i just want to kill my self.its like walking in a tunnel nd there is no light at the end of the road my life is so difficult
—Guest Misery queen

Another Day

About to turn 18 now, and everything is going downhill. I thought I could just ignore my depression, shrug it off like a cold or something but it's becoming an everyday thing now. My anxiety only worsens it, I almost end up stuttering but not quite when I try to get myself heard in front of others. I barely have any friends, and the ones I do have I feel like I could lose them in an instant. I feel like a bother to most people, that I annoy people by my presence even. Sometimes I have a tear in my eye just slithering down my cheek at school, so ashamed of myself. I guess I was smart once, straight A's but now it seems like a distant memory with me barely passing now. Hopefully someone day I can smile a real smile and not one to fool others.
—Guest Just Another Fool


Life just seems to have no purpose. I don't have anyone to talk to anymore . Me and my ''friends'' don't seem to get along, we barly talk. I often find myself wishing to just die, but never thoughts of taking my own. Life feels so purposeless I just want to escape it all and take a vacation from life. :(. Just don't feel like ''me''
—Guest same thing, diff day

I feel like a Stalker and depressed

Ever since I was about 14, I'd start to believe that there's nothing for me in my life. I feel like I am not having so much fun as before, I lost track , slowly eased into a deeper part of depression, and I just don't understand why we have to live a suffering life if we're all going to die anyway, I live for my family, because I feel like they've suffered enough, so I ahven't thought of killing mysel,f but then again I'm not making myself useful, everyday that passes by, I start to just slip away again and again, and more and more. As a 17 year old guy, I have been liking this one girl, but I've felt like I've only been stalking her and I feel like I'm just a jerk now, and I should just get myself lost in some random place somewhere far, where I will just find myself dying... I don't understand what I have to do to start living, it seems like I haven't. I've got friends but still I feel divided, and they are accepting of me, I just don't want to make them think I'm suicidal...
—Guest Anonymous

I just wna b free

I never had a relationship with my dad but my mum did her best with me my brother and my sister. From a young age I knew I wasn't like them I would think what if I died wot if I disappeared would they even care?...now I'm in my twenties and still think the same as I did back then. I never had the kind of relationship with my mum and sister we're I was comfortable enough to ever tell them how I really felt and still don't, I looked for love in all the wrong places...I would b with different guys just to feel protected and wanted even if it as only for 1 night...I never really had much girlfriends growing up so guys were all I knew and its something that will always b hanging over me cos no matter how much I better myself and move forward with who I am people will only see me as someone who sleeps around...I'm scared of being along I'm scared of my own mind and the things I think of doing to myself when I'm alone...it hurts my feeling that people who don't even no me, who have never even
—Guest Tanya

I am not sure

I am not sure if what I am feeling is depression or anxiety or what. I feel...not really sad. I mean, I do sometimes, but most of the time it is more of an anger and frustration, or feeling just flat. Not depressed, maybe, but just...there. You know? I feel like going out and doing something crazy and stupid just to forget my life for a while but I know I can't. I clean the house every day, I work out because I have a goal to meet, and I make shark teeth jewelry, which I enjoy most of the time. But my life just feels....I don't know. My marriage is going through a lot of stress and I dunno sometimes if it will ever get back to at least being really loving to one another. sigh..............I have a baby boy that depends on me but I feel alone, like I might as well be doing it by myself. What is wrong? Is it depression? Is it anger?
—Guest Michelle


I just feel empty. I used to be so good at communicating but i feel so heavy. I don't want to play my music anymore, i don't want to Game anymore. i'm tired all the time. Always thinking. I can't sleep. I feel stressed even though i'm lazy. maybe i'm stressed about being lazy. I hate me. i don't want this. I don't want to think. i jjust want to have a genuine smile. I just want to know there's an end but there isn't one. My memory has suffered. I'm scared to go outside, i hate people looking at me. their eyes i can't stand them. no one wants me here yet if i end it now i'll just be a huge bother. nobody can see that i need help and that i can't help myself. i just want acceptance and comfort, for one person to say, you can do it. i'm so broken i just want someone to help me fix this defective and severely broken me so i can feel normal again.
—Guest Aine

Why me?

My only wish is to trade lives with someone else. To wake up and not feel like I have nobody. I was excellent at hiding my true self from everyone; the weak and insecure person that i despise. But I wasn't good enough. He saw through my facade of happiness and now he'll want to leave me too. I don't blame him though. I can't stand to be around myself either why would he? But if only I could tell him why I'm like this. what i've been through that has made me like this. and what i'd give to be anything but this. Maybe I'm destined to feel empty. Only god knows
—Guest Anon

Want this to end.

I can't remember exactly when it all started. All I am aware of is that it didn't occur suddenly. It settled slowly and grew gradually, wrapped its dark cloud around me and suffocated all the happiness out of me. I've been this way for far too long and I am so sick of it. Feelings of numbness spreads from my mind throughout my body and stays with me almost everyday, almost every hour. I feel like I am half a sleep, walking through a dream that I cannot get out of, no matter how hard I try. The numbness eventually makes everything feel so heavy and it becomes so difficult to do anything, to drag this body around with me. My mind is constantly in a cloud and that I can't see or think clearly. I don't know what missing in my life I don't what is making me unhappy - perhaps it's everything going on, building up and weighing me down. Then there's the anxiety, mixed with the numb feelings and the heavy weight on my chest. Until it's all just too much and I end up crying so hard.
—Guest JP

damn finally

I am 18 year old and i also feel depression which was going to be the main reason to my destruction. But today.. ya today i came to know that i have depression about 2 and half years . And i have easily overcome on it.now i feeling really good and happy. Just enjoying my life just like newborn baby. Sorry just i cried while texting. Belive in god and good , he will show you the right path.
—Guest i am relaxed now

i hate my life

im 17 and it all started when i was 15 i met a boy that was 21 and fell in love i was with this boy for 2 years to find out he was chaeting on me , the relationship ended a year ago today and when it ended i started staying in my room everyday sleeping, i tried to kill myself 2 times by taking pills , my mother trys to get me out more to socialise but it seems i cant because i feel like i have no friends i find it hard to make friends because i am just so down in myself the whole time , im always tired and i feel like even my family hate me , i feel like theres nothing in this world for me and everyone is talking about me , i get very parinide at times about the smallest things and i just really need help i actually cant believe im writting this i never wanted to talk about this but i have to get it out , i litreally feel like shit everyday
—Guest fabien


i don't why I'm crying i have parents that love me and friends to, but I'm s insecure I'm pressured by my parents to do good in school but i don't have any effort, if i have the chance i would lay in bed and cry my eyes out because i fell bad that I'm crying about my life. people thats parents have died should be bawling. not me I'm support to be happy with my life. but I'm not i don't know what to do any more. I'm only a teen. i want to cut but who knows what that will lead too. i m such a baby. their goes my insecurity again... help!
—Guest Amanda

Depression? Or just a phase?

I lost someone that meant alot to me about 2 years ago. She was like a grandma to me and we were so close. I started to get better and actually smile when thinking about her. Now it feels like I'm back where I started and I don't know if I depressed or what. I'm just so tired. I just feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster that won't stop.
—Guest Confused and sad

feel like a weak person

i spend my evenings depressed and trying to sort it out, but i just cant, everything seems like a chore, even having a cigarette seems like so much effort, i would wake up some days thinking " right today im going to sort it all out" but this is rare and the next day it would be the same, impossible to get out of bed, and miserable, i cant even sleep whoch adds too it because i dont even have any energy, i try to take my mind off things, but i cant, i try to sort things out but i cant, i watch my friends make new friends at college, and my former mate who had anxiety and depression a while a go, over come it and start thriving socially again, and i think that used to be me, the thing is ive lost so much, i used to be an outgoing confident, attractive boy, that had slept with every popular girl in his year, thought i was the boy, would walk around with my head held high, and now look at me im a weak excuse for a human being, slowly loosing his friends and loosing life to a drug addictio
—Guest john monroe

i should be happy

im really not close to my parents, and because of this i have made alot of bad desicions in my life amd i blame them for it, i used to blame myself but ive been thinkin if just if i could of talked to them about things, it just wouldnt be so bad, but anyway moving on i have great friends and a great boyfriend, but im scared to say i love you to him, its like im scared of love because from my past experiences love isnt real. but anyway why arnnt i happy, i feel so empty inside, as soon as i leave my house i put a mask on and im happy but as soon as i get home im sad and i just cant stop thinking about every bad thing, am i depressed? i dont even know who i am anymore, am i really like what im like out side or when im inside. my life feels like im in a bubble like i can be next to someone but i feel so far away and out of reach
—Guest help me
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