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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

Very Tired

Well, I'm tired. I feel tired all the time. The amount of sleep I get doesn't seem to matter, because regardless, I always feel TIRED. I keep from going places, I wad told it was because I had social anxiety. I dislike talking to certain people, so I don't unless I completely have to. When I walk in the hallways of school, I make sure to not bump into anyone because that would cause unwanted interaction. It's tiring. I don't feel happy, and I blame myself for everything. I felt pretty okay the other day and the next morning I found out a relative of mine has died. I saw it coming. I knew it. Because it happens to me all the time. I try not to feel happy like that for the benefit of others, and to be honest it isnt that hard. Self harm isn't something foreign to me. I sometimes overthink everything. I overthink the fact that I overthink. Not a day goes by that I consider suicide. Or at least think about it. Everyone tells me to snap out of it. But how? I didn't choose this. I'm only 15
—Guest Guest Sylph


im 12 y.o. and every day it is a challenge to get up.the tiniest of things upset me. i never feel happy anymore. i always feel like im faking it. once in math class i just started crying for no reason. i feel miserable but when i ty to talk to my mom about it she just calls me an attention whore. im trying to stop cutting but its so hard. the bullies at school dont help either.
—Guest rylee


I feel done, I don't want to do anything. Getting out of bed is a challenge, and the farthest I usually get is the couch. So far today I made my husband lunch...I haven't showered, I'm sitting on the couch thinking, crying, I'm exhausted emotionally and physically. I have so much that I want and need to do, but am unable to find it within myself to take the first steps to get it done.

Almost Giving Up

I'm 17 . I have been taken advantage physically by one of my classmates , I tried being silent about it so it won't go out and be the talk of everyone , I told my boyfriend and my boy bestfriend about it and they seriously wanna hit the face of that classmate of mine. The next day the issue got spread , it has gotten worse , my friends won't talk to me , everyone is suspicious about me . They think I'm lying , I don't wanna explain my side anymore , I feel so tired of my life , they won't even listen , I know. I self harm , I don't feel like living for long , I wanna die , I don't know what to do anymore. I don't feel loved. I feel left all alone. Everyone seems like avoiding me.
—Guest Zhel

whats going on

ok so i wake up everymorning feeling sad and lonely and i see a theripist for other things, school things. then i go to school and its not direct bullying but my theripist says its like indirect, which mean its ment to hurt me. i am normally a A+ student but my grades are failing. i feel so unloved and then when my parent askes me how my day went, then i go "im ok" i cry myself to sleep and i feel unwanted. i always where a smile around other people but at night i have to listen to the radio so i dont get nightmares. my parents are divorced and my mom lives across the USA. so i need help. i feel like im being ripped up from the inside out. i sometimes get sick from nothing and i finally relize i make myself sick. i feel worthless. and when ever i build myself up someone knocks me down again. i have partial anxiety, migranes. i also use to cut myself when i was younger when i look in the mirror i think why do you even exist. i ve enven thought of life with out me. do i have depression?
—Guest help me please


Nothing. A big, black nothing. That's the best way I could describe it. I don't even know if I'm depressed, I was once told I had a mild depression when I was 14, but I'm now 23 and it's never gone away - I can feel fine for a week and then all of a sudden crash for the next week. I won't want to talk to anybody, I'll want to turn my computer and phone off and want to stay inside and away from people as long as possible. I want to talk to someone about it, but I don't want to burden my boyfriend and I don't believe that my friends care about me as much as they make out they do. I also feel like I don't have a right to be depressed. I have an amazing, loving, dedicated boyfriend and a wonderful family. I don't know why I still feel the way I do. My boyfriend describes it as if it seems like I just "shut down". I won't talk, I sit still, I'll have no facial expression and I can't bring myself to care much about anything, as if my own opinion doesn't matter to even myself.
—Guest Anon

Dead inside

I feel like nobody understands me. What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. My parents had this idea of me being successful like their friends kids. I have recently lost my job, i stay at home everyday. I wake up every morning hoping i had a gun to put a bullet in my head and end this all. People i use to care about feel fake. As if all of this is fake, it feels like i live in a program and being different, the program pushes you aside. I have always thought of death, i am not afraid of it, i just won't do it cause i want to see my mom and my girlfriend. I have no friends because i don't trust people nowadays. I just don't feel anymore and society makes me sick.
—Guest Lee


There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain! I'm praying that God shows up in your lives and reminds you that he loves you and will never leave I'm heart goes out to each of your and I know everything is going to be ok just trust God and know that he will turn your lives around. Email me Rashaeevans@yahoo.com if you want prayer or to talk.
—Guest Shae

Lost ALL but apathy...

I'm a 26 year old male. Having lost all my friends and family even. Due to manic episodes(bipolar) and being used as a scapegoat for a crime I didn't commit. I cannot live or go back to my hometown and makes it even harder to find a job. Been without for 3 years now. Staying at a homeless shelter trying to break out of this funk/stupor but I do not enjoy anything just lethargic. Don't speak to anyone(mute) laugh. I WAS normally a outgoing personable funny guy laughing at life as my coping mechanism. Now I isolate and find absolutely no joy in life. I've tried the AA thing and got sober a few times for awhile which was good but alcohol makes me feel better even momentarily. Anti depressants worsen my depression making it clinical. It's been six plus months now. Situational, dwelling on the past and beating myself up. Hard to see it getting any better.
—Guest "Jude"

for all

I was in the same feelings and stuff as y'all. I found peace thru Gods ways sin =death and tradigidy .its my only peace try seeking Gods way or light will shine and you'll be fine:)
—Guest sonny

i,m trapped

I didnt marry for love, biggest mistake ever now am in and cant get out. My husband is madly in love with me but it is sucking the very life out off me.
—Guest karen

Can't Escape.

about 2 months ago, there was this guy. I honestly would've done anything to be with him and do for him. He made me feel like the greatest person in the world. But he started to change, he started smoking weed a lot and just wasn't the same person. He started getting meaner and putting me down all the time, He made me feel so insecure about myself and made me feel like I was nothing to the world. That's when it all started. I started cutting myself and was in deep depression. My family just made it worse, telling me I'm a piece of shit and that I'm going no where in life. So I cut again. I don't cut anymore, but i feel so alone, so dead, and i feel like i'm just a dissapointment planted on this earth and I can't escape. All I want to do is die, I attempted suicide a few times. Its been two months, I'm still feeling this way. I can't talk to anyone, they wouldn't understand. I just want help, I want to escape this feeling and emptiness so bad.
—Guest Anonymous

had enough

feeling more run down than ive ever done before i used to be active and now i rarely go anywhere i am receiving help and take 2 fluoxitine every day but now they feel like they are doing absolutely nothing i have split up from a 27 year marriage and am living with another partner and feel like i have made the biggest mistake of my life because i dont think i love my partner anymore but dont want to tell her i am really unhappy in our relationship now.theres 1 thing that worries me and its the way i used to love my life and take the good with the bad but now i honestly couldnt care less if i didnt wake up the next day any more although i couldnt end my own life i would most prob mess it up but i wouldnt care less if somebody done it to me and they would be doing me a massive favour.The fact the government are making me participate in schemes when im feeling so bad is adding towards the way i am because i hate going out anywhere now and if i dont turn up they will stop my benefits.

i hate everything wtf

I dont know whats going on. Before i was the girl who would give my number to anyone i thought was depressed, tell them to call me if they needed something. Now im cutting. I mean i did before and before i didnt really.think it was a problem, i didnt have many negative thoughts and only cut when i was upset but now its so bad that i just dont care. Im so behind in half my classes and dont give a fuck anymore. I feel like if i died no one would care. I wouldnt even care. Itd just be one less problem, one less mouth to feed. Gooodddd i hate everything. I hate the way i look i hate school i hate my family. I hate everything and i cant help it. Im ashamed and i can tell people are noticing differences. I cant be asked or bothered to pretend im ok or normal and now people will call me emo -_- it was bad enough saying black was my fav colour. Basically im a shell of my former self. I dont even feel like picking my self up and trying to fix everything. Sorry if that was depressing x
—Guest Ashamed

Truth Is

I'm not happy anymore. I'm 16 years old, I should be jolly and full of life. Instead I refuse to go to school because I feel as if once I walk in that school door I hear everyone say bad things about me in my own head. The fact that I got bullied most of the way through national school certainly doesn't help. I lost interest in my own hobbies and things I like. I have a fair amount of friends and a best friend. She doesn't really understand me even care at that matter, out of anyone she should notice that I'm not alright but she doesn't even ask. Even still I feel alone. My mum left when I was two, my dad brought me my brothers and sister up alone. They're all older than me I'm the youngest, sadly my father is unable to look after me anymore, sometimes he pretends hes alright but really he's not. He told me several times he was going to kill himself. I lay in my room all the time crying and sit there bathing in my own despair.
—Guest Iris

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