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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

I don't how to feel anymore

See I'm crying right now... Reading everything because I feel like this aswell, like I'm in fog or and a dark cave, tired, I procrastinate, high expectation and everything feels like it's falling and I'm just I can't fix it . When I was 4 my dad brought us to Canada and cheated on my mom and beat her up in front of us and one day just up and left.... We were homeless and some family friends took us in. My mom made so many sacrifices and I can't put this on her. At the moment we aren't in the best financial state and I can't put this on her...I can't hurt her more then I already have. She always takes her anger out on me and just starts yelling at me and I just take it in because I know she has been through so much... But I have too! I was blues in grade 6 and nobody liked me in my class and grade 8 I was bullied again. On top of that I know I'm not pretty I'm actually fat...I started cutting acouple months ago and I just don't know how to feel, my emotions just... I don't know
—Guest Justanotherperson

empty crushing hole over my heart

I feel like there is this hole that can't be filled over my heart and every time I focus on it it makes me cry, I don't show my emotions to my friends or parents, because I don't want to bother other people with anything. I just feel like I'm a useless waste of space that just takes and takes and I won't amount to anything. But I excell at school and have a black belt in tae kwon do. It's just like I'll never do enough to be worth what I take, so why should I bother existing. Why was I created if I have no use?
—Guest Annabeth


I can't drag my body out of bed in the morning, but I can't sleep at night either. I feel like I don't deserve a thing I have, I feel empty, I feel alone, even though there are people all around me. I've learnt to fake smiles, to fake laughs, but not for other people, for myself. I try to be happy, try to relax. But every day I feel like I'm just part of some other person's story, and I don't belong. I can't focus, can't be happy, can't feel. And I just wonder if it will ever end, even with death. I have a wonderful life, but I just can't appreciate it.
—Guest Sabrina

will death relief me from my pain

Im a 16 year old and at some point in my life i just died inside i used to look forward to going out with friends.. i used to look forward to buying new things ... now theres nothing that makes me feel alive ... im always out socialising and i have met so many people and made so much friends but none of them can help me become happy again.. i dated for a while but then broke up with my girlfriend because i was too depressed and didnt want to make her life more complicated .. i tried exercising for a whole year .. i tried smoking ... drinking ... weed ... all kinds of tabacco... and maybe i found a little happiness in those things but that happiness didnt last .. im so lost .. so sad ... i dont know where im headed and no one seems to care about me ... all my parents and family keep repeating the same things ... theyre like zombies with no brain.. no body understands me ... i keep wondering if dieing would relief me from this emptiness ... but i would never suicide for it is against my
—Guest guest Eli


I feel like all the stuff that keeps me going and alive are being taken away from me. I think about how it would be nice to be taken away from the world. At school I have no real friends and I feel like I don't belong anywhere. I feel like crap most of the time and I'm sometimes bullied. When I read some of these experiences, I feel the same way for lots of them. It's like there is no hope for me, and no light at the end of the tunnel.
—Guest Car

Why do I feel the way i do

I am 12 and ever since my close aunt died i felt depressed. Ever since i started to get bully i have hated everyone and just want nothing to do with my life. My grades are going down i need someone to lean on but when i ask my mom she says im just lazy. I have to wake up at 4 JUST to get on the bus. Im tired and im so scared i had my futer picked out and my grades aregoing down. I sometimes think about giving up. I think i do not care when i get older to live on the streets. Can anyone tell mesomething that might help me? Thank you.
—Guest K W

Darkness, coldness, fear

Like being underwater, or staring into an endlessly deep abyss, with no warmth, no light and no hope. Just bleakness. And an overwhelming terror that this is really how things are and always will be. Looking for some respite in sleep, which is poisoned by the most negative, unhappy dreams, and an immediate resumption on awakening, which you pray will never come.
—Guest Al


Guys I know it's hard. I know pain, suffering, and despair may be in your life. But no matter what, there is always hope. Tomorrow wake up, walk outside and breathe the fresh air. Think of all you have in life. Your parents, your children, your brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, friends. There is always hope. Think about all the things you enjoy. Music, funny tv shows, food, drinks. And please, talk to someone. Doesn't have to be a psychiatrist. It can be a family member or a best friend. Just talk about everything to someone. Please, keep hope. God bless.
—Guest Billy

It feels like... I don't have any feels

I go to work. I make calls. I go home, and when I get there I want to do nothing. I used to be active as a hiker, and I loved kayaking, horseback riding, sledding and many other outdoor activities. I had many hobbies that kept me interested... then it all started to fizzle out. I become stressed over things that should be easy to take care of, like getting ready in the morning or doing the dishes. I feel there is no use for me in this world... like I am just sucking the productive peoples' good work, you know? I cry at the drop of a hat. I feel indifferent most of the time, and the rest of the time I just feel so sad. There has to be something I am meant to do... but I can't find my purpose. I want to force myself out of this bottomless pit, but I keep sinking down. Thank goodness for the temporary lapses in sadness and indifference. If not for those few moments of smiling or laughing every week, I fear I wouldn't be here any longer. I'm married to a wonderful man... what is my problem
—Guest Melonay

I feel empty and scared

Lately I just feel empty inside. I'm 35 and married with two children. I love my family and they are my only happiness. At this time in my life I just feel nothing has gone right and its only getting worse. No matter how bad things have gotten they make me feel like it'll all be ok. But now that is even fading. I feel like I'm letting them down and I feel like I've achieved nothing in my life but bills and misery. Their are moments when I just want to cry and times when I wish I were dead. When I'm feeling like I want to die they are the only reason I have not. I constantly spend my days battling panic attacks and fellings of desperation. I question where I went wrong in my life. I feel like a failure and have let down not only myself but my loved ones. I have all of these painful feelings and thoughts that I hide from everyone. Life is caving in on me and I'm really finding it hard to handle. I'm losing my mind and can't concentrate. What hurts a lot is that I can't find a way out.
—Guest Logan

im giveing up everything

im 25 i feel like giveing up everything ilost cusdtyof my son 3ina half years ago to his father. and i stress everyday he dont let me see him nor talk to him. as the days go by i sit there andcry i havea big family but it hads so much going on im a grandma n papa girl they passed away within the last 3 years after i lost my son that when the world i live in crash me and my mom ever got alone nor me or my sister ..i never have suport n i be juge bye every other person but noone kno how i really feel inside i sit there an watchs other kids an i cry a night for my son i just wish i cant do everythingright i dont even knowi just wanna give up everything
—Guest lost

So empty

Lately I feel so empty I don't know why I have fallen out with everyone i wanna move schools I feel upset I feel like all my mates are trying to make me jealous but I know they are not but I can't help feel this way I am so stressed out and I am only 13 I don't know what to do and I tell someone they might think I'm being stupid and immature
—Guest No one

cat litter

ive been unhappy for a long time. its nothing in particular that makes me feel this way. i have had ups and downs with my saddness but it seems to get worse. there was a time when i heard a few things that scared me and when i told my boy friend he responded by informing me of a virus i suppose that females are prone to catch with eating not fully cooked meat ( i like my steaks med-rare) and with the air born bacteria that comes from cat litter. he told me that the uncontrollable thoughts in my head were from this virus that i caught. you can only imagen what our relationship is like... sometimes i wonder what im doing here and why im still here. he said that universe sent me to him yet why would the universe, higher power, energy from life itself, or whatever do this to me? i cry everyday and i hate the way it feels when i do. i dont want to cry any more but i dont know how to stop. im exhausted from crying all time and cant get enough energy to just stop and move on.
—Guest ....

Constant doubting about everything

Before I move on, I have a severe case of seasonal affective disorder so this happens mostly during the winter. When you are depressed you don't feel as happy as you used to be, you will lose interest in your hobbies, you will constantly think negatively about everything that comes to mind and also begin to have alot doubts, paranoia and skeptisim. You feel like you can't even communicate with other people sometimes not even a proper sentence. You'll feel completely drained and have no motivation to do anything nor concentrate in school or at work. You just happen to feel sad almost all the time but you will have your days that you will feel happy and you really get to appreciate those moments alot. Sometimes you just want to cry just for the simple fact of feeling sad for no reason but you can't for some reason which makes you feel even worse. That's my expierience with depression.
—Guest Vic Robbins


I'm so frightened I hate being alone I just want to run but there's no where to hide what's happening to me
—Guest Only me

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