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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

lost a friend

I'm 18 and it's been awhile since my friend avoid me. I did something that may hurt his feelings and we never spoke ever since. I feel very guilty. I often get tired and loss of appetite. I often feel like being alone in the dark. I don't want people to approach me. I might have depression but I tried laughing and smiling and be all happy go lucky kinda person to hide what I'm feeling right now not to mention I got beat up twice last week. I cried so hard but no one could hear me. I don't know who to talk to. But I guess only time can heal...
—Guest mugen

I don't want to do anything

I had a very rough and horrible childhood,I was a victim of domestic abuse.I cried everyday to sleep and the past still haunt me.No one could understand those pains.I am not a happy person.I become officially depress when I turned 15.I don't want to deal with my future and I don't know what to do with my life and what is the next chapter and I don't want to move on.I constantly stress out and I started to gain a lot weight.I sleep a lot.I don't want to do anything and I wasted my time on eating and watching television instead of studying or going to school.I feel empty inside and I feel like I am broken and can't be fixed.I am not happy,I have never felt happy my whole life.I think there not much me to stay in this world.Life is very difficult for me.I always have to try very hard to get a little thing done.I don't have purposes,goals or even soul and I hate myself,I hate my life.I have a whole lot of story left to tell but this is what I am feeling at the moment.
—Guest Kelly

Done that

To everyone that is hurting... Don't give up the hope that you can feel better in the future. Pick yourself up and go forward. Educate yourself by reading books about depression & about the steps you can take to get through it. It's all about coping skills. Although the depression may be genetically passed down... A lot of it is because of how we were raised. Realize that you can learn the tools to get to a place of health and happiness. Go to church, take a college class, volunteer, or take some art classes. Make the choice to be and feel better. God's grace will see you through. He truly wants us to live a happy and fruitful life. God love and bless all of you. I know... I've been there, done that.
—Guest Been there

i feel like no one likes me or wants to

i am alone and i have no oe to talk to about how feel my dad threatens to take me out of my school and shouts at me for no reason and everyone i go to school with hates me and no one will talk to me i get angry easily and upset easily i have no friends and i want to kill myself and i feel like my world is over i have no reason to live i am no one i will always wonder what i did wrong in my life `m i reallly that horrid i took a test to see if i had depression and i scored and 9/10 and 5+ means you have depresson??!!
—Guest mrs friendless

This swallowing sea.

I had everything figured out. Money, drugs, friends, pleasure, boys. But, everything came crashing down. Like a tidal wave that swallows everything in its path, my life was empty. Nothing brought me pleasure, nothing brought me joy. No matter how high i was, no matter who i was with, i felt like a zombie. A darkness so deep and vast that when i thought about it, all i could do was cry. Tears and fear. Those two things were my life. I couldnt understand what i was feeling. I couldnt understand anything. Life whizzed by me in a tedious pace. I had a dazed expression and a blank emotion anytime you saw me. There was never a time in which i could say that i had smiled, just because. I never smiled. Cliche as it is, it hurt to smile. It was a painful mask to cover all of my true feelings. No one could stand me, no one wanted to be around me. I had no friends left. And one day, as i turned around and looked at my life, i noticed. I didnt have a life. My depression ate it. And ate it whole.
—Guest Supra

Swinging of moods

I was brought up in a family where my father dominated my mother. My mom would show her anger on us(2 of us). I started feeling lonely most of the time. Till today my mind is cobwebbed with thoughts. My moods also swing. Some times I Feel good. Most of the time I feel depressed with all the symptoms mentioned by you all. The medications prescribed by the doctor help me for some months. Again I go back to the same level. My marriage failed. Often I get panic attack. If anyone gets angry that will totally bring me down. Often I feel I need someone who truly loves me and listens to me. This year I prayed to God to deliver me from this worst situation. Yes, Jesus helped me to come out of it. But again and again I get mood swings. The painful thing is whenever I feel low I feel that I'm totally away from God and It's difficult to pray and I get a doubt whether my Jesus is really there. But rejuvenating our trust again and again in God and sharing my feeling gives me Hope and strength. Pray
—Guest carol


I feel so torn upp inside im 24 years old single because I run guys away with my atfitude I hate myself im tired of waking up everyday still tired and weak and just wanting to end it I dont have my son because of his father.....my sons father cheated on me multible of times with men please pleas will someone help me....i dont know wat to do
—Guest Jassie

I don't know what to do

I'm lost. Ever since my freshman year I've been mildy depressed on the inside, during my sophomore and junior year in high school it got worse. I tried committing suicide multiple times, and failed. My dad is homophobic and I just tried to escape but couldn't. My senior year was hell. My freshman year of college was ok, but the fall semester I partied and neglected school and got depressed. It's my 3rd semester now and I feel like I'm done. I owe money to the univ, I don't have a job, and I'm heavily depressed on the inside. On the outside I'm fine and happy but on the inside I wish I could die. :(
—Guest College guy

A response

It feels like having a normal life, but not able to be happy. Every day is the same. A blur of waking up and going back to bed, interwined with unpleasant thoughts or emptiness. Maybe my experience was just different than most, though. While I was feeling quite upset, it was more a feeling of this overwhelming emptiness and "a lack of purpose" rather than pain or guilt. Just like living and fading away everyday, to one day arrive at a conclusion that you don't even know who you are anymore.
—Guest poop

At the end of my rope...

imagine yourself in a sub slowly sinking to the floor of the ocean, no air to breath, the sub shatters into tiny pieces, your cling to life, slowly you lose hope that no one can reach you, you drift into the nothingness of the ocean. The dark cold silence consumes you,the pain sending shock waves through your mind. Every little task seems impossible, the same old pain everyday. You don't enjoy nothing in life, you feel like no one cares, the world will judge you, crucify you if you dare say how you really feel. Your chained in a pit of darkness, you you want to be free of the pain, you know deep inside that death is calling your name it's your only hope, you walking around dragging yourself out from the gravestone, you no longer fear death but welcome it.
—Guest destinychild

9 Years of Depression

I have lived with the same sinking feeling many of you have. For years I have had this belief just below the surface of the meaningless of my life. My perspective now is it stems from the demands I place on my life. Comparing myself to both others and story book movies of lives that I perceive to have meaning. I have the similar unrealistic expectations for my girlfriends. They can't live up to it and so I lose interest. It's hard for me to stay in the moment to truly enjoy whats going on when I fantasy about what is so lacking in my life that if I did have would make it all better. But I'm in a place now where I'm working on it. God help me if I never get it but I'm going to try. Pray for all of us. We can get better.
—Guest Anonymous Guest

It feels like i'm living in a dream

I feel like a soul trapped in someones body. I feel like i'm watching my life past by me through a window. All I do is mechanic, I wake up, do my activities and go back to sleep. I don't feel alive anymore. This is not what life is supposed to be. I don't feel pain, completely. It's like- I know it hurts but if I close my eyes i just let my body feel the pain, and I don't.
—Guest Little


none of us want to be depressed. who wouldn't want to simply "snap out" of it? it's comforting to know that other people share the same daily challenges. I have a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids. I come home from work, and it's a huge effort just to crack a smile. for whatever it's worth, especially to younger readers...turning to drugs and alcohol is NOT an answer. It only makes things worse. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!
—Guest no need

morning morning

i feel alot like you do a lot but i keep praying and saying tomorror will be better hang in there
—Guest morning

life sucks

iam sick and tired of being silent idont taik to people& my friends at school think that iam weak and icant do anything right ,i feel sick and iwant to kill my self.ilove playing soccer too much but icant play it b/c all my friend get out from the house and go to playgrounds to play to train , but me i cant even get out of my house ihate my father ,iam already sad and he make me more un happy
—Guest jon
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