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Readers Respond: What Signs and Symptoms Let You Know

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Updated September 23, 2011

Sister thinks I fake depression/bipolar

I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist when i was 13 that I have bi-polar, and depression, along with Anxiety and panic attacks. My sister seems to think I'm faking NOW, and i'm almost 24. I feel worthless, I cry myself to sleep often, I feel like I will never amount to anything in life. What's the point? I think of ways to kill myself often. I tried back when I was 15... But that didn't work. The one reason why I haven't tried again, is my son.
—Guest Guest1989

I wonder

I'm 17 when i got to school tipsy and late this morning i cried i cant remember anything accept crying in the bathroom and telling myself to hold it in and how i held it in too long to show the people iv'e been hiding my emotions from my true thoughts of myself. When i finally felt like i had it together i started crying again the one who only 2 weeks ago was talking the most shit and having fun with friends, ive distanced myself from everyone ive ever talked to and started examining everyone, teachers ask why i never smile, my parents wait till the security guard reports me possibly having suicidal thoughts to ask me whats wrong. All of this started happening when I started self educating myself on emotion expression. Now every time I try and talk to someone about my problems I feel as if I cant trust them, and feel like they only talk to me because they fear I will do something crazy and want to be exempt from it, when I see expressions I feel hurt and angry but bottle it up.
—Guest Lucky


i feel as though a hook has been forced down my throat and i can feel it tugging at my stomach, just a terrible ache that is never relieved. every bone in my body is aching and i just wish i could rip every limb off myself to distract from the emotional pain. every ounce of energy i create is wasted on negativity. i try to talk myself into a positive mindset but i realize that i'm just giving myself false hope because i wake up and fall asleep feeling the same, every day. screw medication, all it does is regulate your serotonin, instead of allowing it to flow its course and work at it's full potential. i just want some meaning in life when no one else is here to give it to. when i don't know how to give meaning to myself. \
—Guest nobody, CT

so alone

Im 17 and been feeling like this for a while. When im with friends and people im absolutely fine, but as soon as I step in my house alone, I suddenly feel so alone and upset. I just feel so useless. I can't think of anything good about myself. Everyone knows me as this bubbly character, but secretly im so lonely and upset 24/7. I can't help but cry. My mum just shouts at me for being glum. I just feel so alone.
—Guest JJ

16 and pregnant

I am 28 weeks pregnant and I am considering adoption. But I don't think it's because I want to. Everyone around me says I can't do it and I'm too young and I don't have a choice. I just want Someone to tell me I can do it. I know how difficult it would be but I can't stand te thought of giving away my baby boy. I cry every night because I can't think about anything else. I've lost my energy and even my little sister says I'm different. If everyone says I can't, or I shouldn't, they must be right. Right?
—Guest Kali

im been depressed and single at age 20

im single cause i don't have a girlfriend that like me who i am and what am i and im very sad i couldn't go out i was stuck in the house with no social-life and i don't have a job that suit me best at cause of my skill therefore im trying my very best work hard in college. i had some difficult time finding jobs out there and i needed someone have exceptionally skill that help me. sometime i don't have friend that care for my depression. im been gone hard times thinking and criticizing other and my family but i don't understand my vietnamese family been doing for me im been push around and don't careless and i don't get thanks of my parents doing there chores and other ETC.
—Guest donny

Its hard nearly impossible

I m in 10th i love my mom n hate my dad i study hard but cant concentrate bcuz of depression i like to b a free bird but i guess it dosent work when family is around i have friends who always betray me i m pissed of lyf i want to die but i dnt want to waste the money my mom filled 4 my future people say me i m useless i never ever got importance n whatever i want is already gone to someone else i really dnt knw wht to do plz help me out of this mess

what should I do

I am 13 and constantly fight with my parents who got divorced when I was 11, me and my siblings fight and since high school started most of my friends moved on... I only have like 1 friend and have hypochondria... since high school started I've also started to struggle with the studies... I feel like a big failure... my parents constantly nag me about doing better in school but I just can't... my mother actually cheated on my dad with a man that I see almost everyday... I've tried to get past it but I just can't... I haven't told her this because if I did she would become depressed as she was at one point... my dad still cries sometimes and pretends that their still married and it just breaks my heart. I know only see each parent half the time and my brother half the time because he lives with my dad... I hate my life... I've thought of suicide before but I just can't do that to my famliy... but I feel so alone... I feel like God just doesn't listen anymore... what should I do???
—Guest anonoymous

I hate my life so much

I'm bored with my life. I constantly have suicidal thoughts and sometimes I cut myself. I keep telling my mom but she just blows me off and tells me that she doesn't care. I hate being depressed when I have a lot of reasons to be happy. I get angry REALLY fast and I can't control my anger so I do something I regret later. My mom always criticizes me and compares me to other girls which makes me even more depressed. My grades dropped a lot and I hate feeling this way. Feeling like a failure. I wish I would die. Sometimes I step in the balcony and am just 10 seconds away from jumping. Somehow there's something that tells me that I will be happy later on in life. I'm such a negative person. I HATE MYSELF. FUCK MY LIFE.
—Guest hatelife

feeling low

I'm so tired, however I can't get myself to sleep. And every time I fail to sleep right away I always have these negative thoughts on my mind. I think about suicide, loneliness, doing terrible things, and how worthless I am. However reading other peoples thoughts and writing mine down has somehow helped me to overcome these feelings from swallowing me. Maybe if you are reading this, you can try do the same.
—Guest Anonymous

Too much

I m sick of everyone and everything. I have about three people in which I know of that care for me excluding the people who should care the most. My father and my two Bestfriends care but no one else does. I have been getting all different kinds of crap from my two older sibling all my life and until now I have easily put up with it but not anymore. I am at braking point and I think I have fallen into depression. I am only 13 and yet I cannot wait for this to be over
—Guest CJ


I am a 26 male, I been out of work for 7 years because no one is hiring for the type of work I do and if they are there not going to pay for what i am worth. more years that go by just feels like more weight will be put on me by other people for not having my stuff together, I often cry myself to sleep because I cant helpit, Right now I live on a floor out of a box, no house, no job, no car, my past is already fucked up by what happen. I often wounder if death would be the way. Death for me would be the best thing too happen for me if i went through but then again who would even noticed. Yeah I am depressed but i am to poor to fix my problems when everything cost now days only thing free is walking, everyone so busy they tend to not notice the person is down and needing help but just ignore them and keep walking, we as humans think that some good though words will help anyone out but if you look it at there point of few then your story would be different.
—Guest Unknown Face

Am I depressed

I have been really aching all over lately and when I watch something funny I break down in tears and start full blown crying. I'm always exhausted and just feel sad a lot lately. What do I do?
—Guest Traci

I'm so confused

Right It makes me feel pathetic compared to the heartfelt stories on here but everyday and night I seem to cry my eyes out into my pillow for no particular reasons. The tiniest things set me off. I'm a happy girl with many friends so have no reason to be depressed apart from past things. I have thought about harming myself many times but am to scared that my family will find out. I never really see my dad which really upsets me since I don't get on with my mum one bit and only go to my brother for anything ( apart from this) , I just want to know what's going on really I cry when I think about the past, future or possibilities that couldve happened in the past. I cry about the unknown , help meeee !!!!
—Guest stranger

Whats my problem?

I've been depressed for a very long time, probably since I was 4. I always cried at night and i had no idea why, I always wanted to go to my daycare and just take my mind off of it by playing games with the other kids. I loved learning but hated school even then. I don't have any family that pushes me to be successful and even if i get a little hint of it from family I hardly ever talk to - it just flies out of the window. I've been told by so many people that I'm smart, attractive, nice, sweet, funny, and that i basically have a good heart but I just can't motivate myself to do anything. Sometimes I get bouts of motivation and I love it but sooner or later it just disappears. I think it might be because I've never really felt appreciated even though I used to try really hard to make my mother happy, who has had a lot of trouble in her life.....I just can't find a constant motivation or even happiness at the most, I can feel complete bliss which i am so happy for but it never lasts lon
—Guest Slow and kind of sure

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