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Readers Respond: Gift Ideas for the Depressed

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Updated October 03, 2011

It can be tricky buying a gift for someone who is suffering from depression. A common impulse is to want to buy the perfect gift that will "cheer up" the recipient. While depression is not something that we can get over simply by receiving the perfect gift, there are gifts you can give us that will help us feel just a little bit better.

I personally find that I like to receive gifts like a cozy pair of pajamas or a good book. Gifts like this allow me to get comfortable and hide out from the world for just a little while until I am feeling better. What makes a good gift for you when you are feeling down?


The book 'Insiders:Outsiders - Personal Journeys Through Depression' may not seem to initially appear as a great present. But this is such an inspirational autobiography and will motivate people with depression to start their own road to recovery. The author's account of his life and his family's life living with his depression is both frank and brutally honest. However, the author's road to recovery shows great determination and self-belief and ultimately believes his depression to be a gift. Everyone I know who has read this book, whether suffering from depression or not, has been deeply touched and inspired. The book is an attempt to describe what depression is from a sufferers perspective and aims to educate people about what depression is and how it affects people. It also aims to reduce stigma and discrimination, particularly in the workplace. An excellent read, one that you will read more than once.

depression gift ideas

I know of a great site that offers gifts for people who suffer with depression or impacted by suicide. It is www.noblu.org. Great quality jewelry with a great theme designed by people like us!!!
—Guest smk

Few thoughts

A gift of understanding filled with support on a longtime basis is a good gift PLUS a good lotion, nice lip gloss, a good book, a "merry maid" for a day of cleaning.....

my gift

I would like for the people around me to treat me as normal, but! I would like them to know I want to feel loved and wanted, although people who are depressed often push people way from them who are the closest, and can often find solice in strangers, this is why some marriges and relationships break down as the depressed person feels that someone cares who is out of the equasion. So I say hugs cuddles kisses and some kind words are a great gift, as for a material one, Atank of petrol for my motorbike.lol as I feel so free when riding.
—Guest Hypnoshaun


When I am depressed I nned to be alone, so I would be very happy to receive a good novel, especially romantic ones.
—Guest Mathapelo

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