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Robin Williams

A profile of the life and career of comedic genius Robin Williams, who, unfortunately for his fans, friends and family, lost his battle with depression on August 11, 2014.

Are People Born With Depression?

Although it is possible to be born with depression, there are several interlocking factors which influence a person's risk for developing this condition.

How to Reduce Sexual Side Effects From Antidepressants

Sexual dysfunction is a common side effect from many antidepressants, in particular SSRIs. These are the top doctor recommended tips for coping with sexual side effects caused by antidepressants.

What to Do When a Friend Is Feeling Suicidal

What top suicide prevention organizations recommend that you should do when you are trying to help someone who is feeling suicidal.

Unsupportive Friends and Family

When you have depression it is very important to be around supportive people, but what can you do if you friends and family can't or won't fulfill this need? These tips for dealing with unsupportive friends and family may help.

Should I Take My Antidepressant at Night or in the Morning?

Is it better to take an antidepressant at night or in the morning?

SSRIs and Weight Gain

Is SSRI weight gain avoidable? What can you do to deal with this dreaded antidepressant side effect?

Depression After Surgery?

Feeling depressed after surgery? Learn more about why your feelings of depression and anxiety could be related to the surgical procedure that you just went through.

Can You Be Depressed but Not Suicidal?

Can you be depressed and thinking of suicide but not be in danger of hurting yourself?

Can You Be Depressed but Not Know It Yet?

Is it possible for a person to be depressed but not know it?

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