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It's notoriously difficult to get a disability claim approved the first time around. Littleblondtrouble recently posted on the forum about some of the mistakes she feels she made that caused her claim to be denied:

"Hi Out there!! I did not get approved for disability and I am in process of suing.

Just wanted to share a few tips w you incase you try to apply for disability.

Make sure you have as much evidence as you can get!!

Get ALL medical records from you doctors on anything and everything you can get to show you are being treated for your illness.

Never call up and complain if you get denied! Anything you say they will use it against you to deny your claim!!

Never, Never write a letter to them on why you are disabled!! They will use that against you too!! If you write them a letter, they will say that you are well enough to write letters so you should be working, you are not disabled!

Always get a friend, spouse, etc. to make the phone calls or write letter for you if you must!!

Make sure you tell your doctors EVERYTHING-- ALL of your complaints, symptoms, etc. You want them to write down as much as they can!! I know some Doctors only write one word answers on forms, see if you can get them to be specific, especially on the disability forms!

Get the medical notes from your doctors and review and copy them before you send them in! Review them and make sure all the info is correct and they don't leave anything out!

Keep all your Prescriptions!!! Make copies of them and send them in as evidence also!!

All these things happened to me, that is why I didn't get approved. I didn't express myself enough to my doctors and they didn't write down all my symptoms. I didn't think they needed all that info--but they do!!

Good luck, and hopefully my Lawyer will win my case for me!!"

May 17, 2006 at 6:54 am
(1) Fibrovet says:

Nice thoughts but my point of view is a little different. First and foremost GET AN ATTORNEY! They only get a small % of your claim. They can only receive a little more than $5,000 maximum.
Having a legal background I did all my own legal work for 4 years. The last year I obtained a local attorney with about 10+ years experience doing ONLY DISABILITY cases. I tried two different nationally advertised big gun firms and both failed to take timely and appropriate action. Stick with a DISABILITY ONLY ATTORNEY and KEEP IT as LOCAL as you can.

Insure all medical records are accurate prior to submission. Be sure to tell your doctors all relevant information concerning your disability. If they aren’t familiar with your disability find another doctor. Don’t try and educate your doctor most are too arrogant to listen.

Be careful what you tell your doctor. I responded to a question about alcohol use. I rarely have a drink. Suddenly I was flagged for alcohol abuse without any valid reason.

I told my doctor of the data concerning mercury poisoning and how it related to my symptoms and my physical health. I was labeled as delutional and the doctor got another doctor to agree without ever seeing me. Because I had more knowledge than my doctors I was labeled a nut case.

COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN , COMPLAIN!!! If you have a legitimate complaint, voice it! It is your right and they cannot use that against you! Because of my complaints the JUDGE handling my case WAS REMOVED FROM THE BENCH and can no longer preside over Social Security cases! The U.S. Attorneys Office was very happy to here my story, they were just looking for the final nail to secure their case. Social security told me “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. In other words be VOCAL, stand up for your rights and COMPLAIN if you feel you are being wronged or put through the hoops.

YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR! Do not give your opinion concerning medical matters. State facts and referance sources of your information.

REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW, your SSI or SSD file whichever may apply. Check it frequently and rebutt any derogatory remarks or misinformation in writing to be placed in that file.

COPY, COPY, COPY anything and everything you send Social Security. Tell your doctor and lawyer you want copies of EVERYTHING they submitt and all correspondence.

My battle was 5 years and 3 applications, appealed, went to Federal court to gaurantee the date of first application remained date of onset and finally adjudicated. My case was passed through about 5 judges. I was told by Social Security when I
started it would take 7 years and multiple applications. Even with a court order I still am waiting to receive payment. I have lost my home and virtually everything I own during this struggle. I have been verbally and mentally abused by Social Services workers and stripped of my dignity as a human being. It’s been a long hard struggle and I live alone and in poverty on a few hundred dollars a month while I wait for the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration to do there job and help me. NEVER beleive them when they say “we will be here for you when you need us”. I suggest you make other arrangements if at all possible to help yourself while you wait. NEVER take no for an answer and NEVER give up your fight if you know you are right. Eventually someone will hear your screams and come to your aid. HAVE HOPE AND LOOK FORWARD AND NEVER LOOK BACK! Best Wishes as there is no LUCK involved. Remember “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

May 2, 2007 at 12:11 pm
(2) Gilda says:

Why are people treated so cruelly when they apply and try to get disability? I have a niece who has anxiety disorder. Can you get disability on that? If they don’t give it to people who cannot work then how do they think those people will live?

June 24, 2009 at 1:59 am
(3) Sher says:

I do not know why people are treated so rude. I am trying to get on disability. They have made a decision but I have yet to hear. It has been about 3 days since they made it. Anyways….the chiropractor that they had me see was not nice at all and he did not seem like he wanted to do the examination. He was rushing me through, and I told him that I wanted to be honest with disability and that he needed to be patient in me giving answers. When he got to the part about “did I ever suffer a head injury and blackout,” I answered yes. He was nicer after that (why did it take that though I wonder), and he told me that someone came in late for their appointment and pushed everything behind. Blah, blah, blah. I do not want to have to see him again.

I have heard from many people that have either got disability or who got turned down that there is no rhyme or reason as to why it takes longer or why some people get it and some don’t. I think I definitely believe that. On paper and typing I can speak. In person I have a hard time getting the words to come out. I even forgot things I wanted to say and went brain dead on the phone with my case worker. I almost hung up the phone because I just could not remember. Lol. If that is not enough by itself than I do not know what is.

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