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Financial Stress

Celexa (citalopram)

Celexa Experiences

Celexa Experiences

Problems with Sleep

Feel Stoned in the Morning

Shaky/Can't Sleep/Mind Racing/Mood Swings

Migraines, Light and Noise Sensitivity

Sick, Lazy, Drunk Feeling


Cheap Celexa?

Pregnancy and Celexa

Celexa Experiences

Celexa Experiences

SAMe and Celexa


Long-term Effects

Weight Gain

Celexa Withdrawal/Dizzy Spells



Wellbutrin Helped Sexual Dysfunction from Celexa

Tired, Headachy

Muscle Spasms

Poll:  What medication where you taking when you experienced "Brain Shivers"?

Panic Attacks

Memory Loss

Adding Wellbutrin Helped Sexual Dysfunction

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