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The Wakefield Questionnaire


Updated May 16, 2014

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Although the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, developed by Dr. Max Hamilton in the 1950's, is considered to the gold standard for rating the severity of depression symptoms and tracking any changes in them, it does have one distinct disadvantage: a clinician must observe the patient and complete the questionnaire. This problem was remedied by a colleague of Hamilton's, Dr. R. P. Snaith, who, in 1971, developed The Wakefield Questionnaire, also known as the Wakefield Self Report Questionnaire.

The questionnaire consists of 12 simple questions and allows any person who may be depressed to answer and score it himself. While the questionnaire cannot be used to diagnose depression, it does measure the severity of the symptoms commonly associated with depression and can be as a guide in determining whether one needs to seek professional help. Taking the questionnaire again in a couple of weeks will allow for a comparison to be made so the person can also see if his symptoms are getting better or worse.

The Wakefield Questionnaire is provided here so you can fill it out in the privacy of your own home.

Take the Wakefield Questionnaire Now


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