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Childhood Depression Awareness

Childhood depression is often overlooked by well-meaning parents who simply aren't aware that children can become depressed. Awareness of childhood depression is the first step in helping your child to get the proper assistance that he or she needs to live a normal, happy life.

Child Depression Often Goes Untreated
Despite child depression being a widely accepted disorder, it often goes untreated. The negative consequences associated with it may, however, make treatment a necessity.

Childhood Depression
Just like adults, children can suffer from depression. Unlike adults, however, they may not be able to articulate what they are feeling and ask for help. It is important for the adults around them to understand the basic facts about childhood depression so they can help the child.

Coping With Childhood Depression Stigma
Depression stigma is often cited as a contributing factor in undiagnosed and untreated depression in children and adolescents. Not only do children often feel stigma, but parents and caregivers often report feeling it as well.

Green Ribbon - Childhood Depression Awareness
Display this green ribbon to raise awareness of childhood depression.

Lack of Awareness Leads to Untreated Depression in Children
Depression in children is not always obvious, which often leads to untreated depression. The consequences may be serious, however. Parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression and seek immediate and appropriate treatment.

Major Depression in Children
Major depressive disorder (MDD), also known as major depression or clinical depression, can be experienced by young children and adolescents. While the course varies for each child, treatment is recommended for all.

The Myth of a Happy Childhood
Is childhood really a time of bliss or is this just a popular myth? The truth is, childhood depression is very real.

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