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Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Children

It is important for parents to be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression in children. Untreated depression can have important consequences for the child's well-being. By becoming aware of the signs and signs of depression in children you can help your child live a happy and healthy life.

Are Low Self-Esteem and Depression the Same Thing?
Low self-esteem and depression share many common signs and symptoms. Some researchers suggest that they are the same concept.

Childhood Depression Symptoms
Childhood depression is no myth. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of childhood depression.

Could My Baby Be Depressed?
A mother asks, "Could my baby be depressed?" What are the signs of depression in a baby?

Depression and Self Consciousness
While all children and teens can be self-absorbed and self-conscious at times, research finds that depressed children may be more self-focused than non-depressed people.

Impulsivity in Children and Mood Disorders
When it comes to impulsivity, children may actually be at risk for a mood disorder. Often associated with externalizing disorders, new research points to an underlying personality characteristic that may contribute to the risk of developing childhood depression or bipolar disorder.

Is Irritability in Children a Symptom of Depression?
While irritability in children is related to various psychiatric disorders, it is a common symptom of depressive disorders in children. Finding the specific cause for your child's irritability is important.

One Symptom of Depression is Hopelessness
Hopelessness is a key feature of depression in some children. Negative thinking patterns can affect the way that a child feels about his entire life, leading to hopelessness.

Physical Symptoms of Depression in Children
Because children are prone to the physical symptoms of depression they may have no other signs or symptoms of depression other than physical symptoms. This article will help you recognize when your child's unexplained physical symptoms may be related to depression rather an underlying medical condition.

Possible Effects of Depression in Children
The effects of depression in children can be serious, especially when left untreated. While every child is different, consequences of depression...

Problems in School May Be a Sign of Depression
Problems in school may be a symptom of depression in some children. Finding the right depression treatment for your child can also help her school performance.

Sadness in Children
Sadness in children and adolescents may be a sign of depression. Parents should be aware of the signs of depression in children and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Self-Esteem and Depression in Children
Self-esteem plays a very important role in the course of depression in children. In fact, some research suggests that low self-esteem puts a child at risk for developing depression, while other theories suggest that depression itself has a negative long-term impact on self-esteem.

Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Depression
Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of childhood depression.

The Differences Between Personality Trait and Mood State
The difference between personality traits and mood states can get complicated, especially when it comes to a child with a chronic mood disorder, like depression.

The Role of Anhedonia in Depression in Children and Adolescents
Anhedonia in children is a core symptom of major depressive disorder, and may indicate a more severe course.

What Are Vegetative Symptoms of Depression in Children?
Vegetative symptoms are commonly seen in children with depression and greatly impact a child's ability to function in her everyday life.

When Feelings of Guilt in Children May Be Depression
When a child has excessive or persistent feelings of guilt, a parent may wonder whether it's a sign of depression or a normal response. In addition to feelings of guilt, there are other warning signs of depression in children.

When Is Social Withdrawal in Children a Problem?
While social withdrawal in children is a symptom associated with many different disorders, it appears to be fairly indicative of depression in children.

What Is Daily Functioning?

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