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Depression Screening

Depression screening is a useful way to identify people who may need further evaluation for depression. Online tests allow for quick testing in a private setting.
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Depression Screening Works
Researchers found that depression screening works, but lack of insurance coverage is a major barrier to follow-up.

National Depression Screening Day
National Depresson Screening Day is a yearly event that raises awareness of depression by offering free screenings all around the US. Learn more about this valuable service or take our free online screening any day of the year.

Psychological Testing for Depression in Children
Psychological testing may be employed to screen for depression and to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan for your child. It may also be used to confirm a depression diagnosis and determine the severity of symptoms. While psychological testing may sound intimidating, knowing what to expect can help relieve anxiety for parents and children.

Depression Symptoms Test
Are you experiencing depression symptoms? Take our free test to determine if you may need to seek further help for your depression.

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