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Top 9 Books for Friends and Family of the Depressed


Updated December 12, 2012

Are you struggling to understand the depression of a friend or family member? Are you unsure of how you can help? This collection of true stories, advice and inspiration may help.

1. Ben's Story

In this heart-rending story, a mother struggles to deal with the death of her son, Ben.

2. Lisa, Bright and Dark

This novel recounts a teenager's struggle with mental illness and her problems with getting her parents to acknowledge that she needs help.

3. I Can't Make It Okay!

An honest and intimate portrait of the toll that a loved one's mental illness takes on family and loved ones.

4. In the Wake of Suicide: Stories of the People Left Behind

A collection of stories from suicide survivors.

5. When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness

This books offers concrete advice to loved ones about how to deal with family members who are in crisis, how to work with insurance companies and how to find help.

6. The Bipolar Child

A valuable reference guide for anyone who is caring for a bipolar child.

7. A Brilliant Madness

Patty Duke's personal account of living with bipolar disorder.

8. An Unquiet Mind

Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist, gives an insider's portrait of how seductive the highs of mania can be and why even she, an expert in the field, had difficulty with coming to terms with the need for medication.

9. The Gift of Depression

A collection of stories written by average people across the US and Canada who are living with depression.
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