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Top 5 Free E-Books About Depression


Updated August 11, 2011

These are just a few of the many free e-books available on the Internet dealing with depression and mental health.

1. Brighten Your Life

Daniel F. Kripke, M.D. has 20 years experience researching and treating depression and sleep disorders using bright life therapy. In his book, he writes about bright light therapy and how it is used to help these conditions.

2. The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills

Another book by Daniel F. Kripke, M.D., which discusses problems associated with sleeping pills and better alternatives.

3. Hypericum and Depression

A guidebook for using St. John's Wort, by Harold Bloomfield, M.D., Mikael Nordfors, M.D. and Peter McWilliams.

4. Be Your Own Therapist--Psychology Self-Help

Written by a licensed psychotherapist, this book helps you makes positive changes in your life without visiting a therapist.

5. How to Heal Depression

This book by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. and Peter McWilliams offers advice for healing depression on every level, physically and emotionally.
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