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Chat Room and Forum Rules

General Chat Room Rules


Updated September 19, 2011

Updated September 19, 2011
Intent of this section: This is a community of mutual respect. You will see this reflected throughout all of our rules. We have tried to set a standard that will keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable.
  • Respect each other and hosts.
  • Strong language and vulgarity are prohibited. Use a similar standard of language to what you might hear on major network TV, on the radio, or in any other public forum. Crude sex words are strictly prohibited. Using asterisks or other symbols in place of letters does not make a word okay to use. Please use common sense and courtesy. If you wouldn't say it in polite company you shouldn't say it here.
  • No personal insults to others.
  • No flaming others. If you don't like what someone has to say, the chat room gives you the option to ignore their posts. If you aren't sure how to do this, ask a host.
  • Members must request permission prior to starting a person-to-person chat.
  • Members have the right to refuse to give out any and all personal details.
  • Members have the right to refuse any request for person-to-person chat from another member. They may not, however, refuse a person-to-person chat from a host.
  • Request permission from hosts before beginning a private chat with them. Please respect the fact that hosts are responsible for multiple duties at the same time and do not request a PC with them unless it can't be handled in any other way. Also, please be understanding if they must decline to PC with you right away. It is very stressful for them to have to be in multiple PC's and monitor the room at the same time.
  • Request permission before emailing other members. Please don't assume that because they have their account set to receive emails that they will be welcome. New members may not understand that they have the ability to turn emails off.
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