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Millions Can Now Be “No Longer Lonely”

Launch of Online Personals Site for Adults with Mental Illness


Updated April 16, 2014

White Plains, NY - September 2004 - For the heroic men and women fighting mental illness in this country, NoLongerLonely.Com is filling a need and offering welcome relief with a safe, secure, and free way to find companionship. The billion-dollar online dating industry is finally reaching those who need it most: the mentally ill.

Webmaster James Leftwich understands the trials and tribulations of managing a mental illness. Since being diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in 1992, Mr. Leftwich has secured a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree and is now pursuing a career in librarianship. Confident that there were thousands of other such "recoveries" across the United States, Leftwich launched NoLongerLonely.

According to Mr. Leftwich, "Social isolation is a hallmark symptom of mental illness. The general public is basically indifferent and often hostile to those struggling to re-integrate with society. In my experience, most mentally ill people tend to group together but finding each other often poses a difficult challenge. It is my hope with this website that finding and securing meaningful relationships, whether friendship or romance, will be easier for those who sign up for membership. My goal is to literally make those with mental illness 'No Longer Lonely'."

NoLongerLonely offers a broad array of features that the larger dating sites have made standard such as anonymous emailing, photo upload, proximity searching, detailed matching criteria, E-mail notifications, a chat room, and a section for members to submit original articles, essays, and artworks.

Leftwich has made guaranteeing the privacy and anonymity of his users a top priority, "It is understandable that users will be wary of disclosing they have a mental condition. For this reason all contact between users is under the heading of a fictitious username. Their only real identifying mark is their photo if they choose to upload one. It is also important to remember that anyone using the site also has a mental condition."

Membership at NoLongerLonely is completely free of charge.



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