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Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Depression


Updated May 16, 2014

Depression is a very real and treatable illness. Understanding the facts about depression can save lives.

1. Depression Is More Than Ordinary Sadness

What is Depression
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Sadness is a part of being human, a natural reaction to painful circumstances. All of us will experience sadness at some point in our lives. Depression, however, is a physical illness with many more symptoms than an unhappy mood.

2. Depression Doesn't Always Have a Reason

Sometimes people become depressed for what seems like a good reason - maybe they lost their job or a close friend passed away - but with clinical depression there doesn't necessarily have to be a reason for how you feel. Chemicals in the brain which are responsible for mood control are out balance and you may feel bad even though everything in your life is going well.

3. Children Are Not Immune to Depression

A myth exists that says childhood is a joyful, carefree time in our lives. While children don't experience the same problems that adults do, like work-related stress or financial pressures, this doesn't mean that they can't become depressed. Childhood brings its own unique set of stresses, such as bullying and the struggle for peer acceptance.

4. Depression Is a Real Illness

You are not weak or crazy. Depression is a real illness which is caused by a chemical imbalance within your brain.

5. Depression Is Treatable

You do not need to suffer if you have depression. There are several treatment options available to you, including medications and psychotherapy.
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