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Readers Respond: What Strategies Have Worked Best for You?

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Updated October 03, 2011

Our thoughts are powerful things. In fact, a type of therapy called cognitive therapy is based on the idea that, we will feel happier if we replace our habitual negative thoughts with more positive ones. I've personally found the principles of cognitive therapy very helpful for redirecting negative thinking and eliminating depression. What strategies have worked best for you?

SUPREME SOUL Is Always Great

i agree with good boy what he has posted earlier about this topic,yes god is always with us and caring us sen percent eventhough we wouldnt aware of him,see how great he is!,he is the permanent solution for any problem,so when u feel upset,just think about his grace and kindness what he had on us.humans might show the selfishness at any time,and they will expecting something from us excluding parents,but supreme soul(god) wont expect anything from us except our love,so try to melt your soul with the supreme soul through meditation.thanks for this opportunity brothers and sisters...
—Guest Thilothama


I find negative thinking starting up right after I wake in the morning. As soon as a negative thought starts in I make myself get up and get on with my day. Exercise of course is a huge help. Making myself take part of each day to do that is not so easy.
—Guest Dinneen

At the end of my day

My day sucks. Invariably. Without change or fault. Anyone who tries to help me says the same thing. "It will get better". "Do you know God?". And all these people in the comments, who have friends, have it a lot easier than the people, like me, who dont. What i found helps when nothing else does is turing on my Xbox 360, Popping in Halo, Getting on Firefight, Legendary, setting myself to be immune, and playing it. All those evil Aliens will be killed. Also, when its really bad.....I go to my 'Metal' section on my music. Turn it up. i turn it up until i cant hear the thoughts. In short, a good shooting game, where you wont lose, a bunch of helpless enemies, and some very good music helps me. Try it sometime, and remember, if the music isnt audible to anyone else in the house, turn it up. (i use Gaming Headsets. I prefer Tritons. (Turtle Beaches are also good. )) 7.1 Surround Sound......nothing better.
—Guest WhatDoYOuCare

Talk to somebody

The best way to handle depreesion is talk to somebody. 99.99% there is solution to each problem faced by us. Do not delay. This will help to reduce the dosage of treatment. Problems created by human being has solutions from human being only. Only our fear and anxiety leads to dealy and depression. Give a chance to life by talking about probem. this will help.
—Guest Guest 1965

CW who cares

RejectGirl, your post was such that you're resigned to life, such as it is. I want you to know it doesn't have to be that way. Life is about choices...if you don't like who you're hanging with, let them go and move on. there are supportive people out there who would like to be there for you..find them. It's not about distraction, it's about changing. Trade nonsupportive people for supportive ones; look really hard for the positive and concentrate on that. Sometimes a positive is simply not a negative. Good luck and hang in there.

New Vision

It is amazing to see that we are all here to help each other; here is a little hint about panic disorder, Stop concentrating on the panic disorder or anxiety, but your effort in finding why it’s there. Soon you will see a clearer picture. My god shine the light in your mind and for you see that from this you become a million times better, and stronger person forever.

Stopping negative thinking

I PRAY and Talk to God, and I ask him to help me think and feel positive. And it works. He has helped me continiously. I feel great.
—Guest Celeste Bell

Connect With My Body and Breathe

One of the things that I do is allow the connection between what I am feeling and what is going on in my body. Usually there is some connection. When I find this, I breathe into it and allow myself to be there at that moment as an observer. Sometimes, it takes a few attempts especially if I am reluctant to change what is going on in my life. Usually the negative thinking has some other "energy" behind it and once you can identify that, you can move forward from it and harness it for good.

Wok hard, help others, set a goal, learn

Work hard on something worth doing or do something creative. Help others with their work. Set a goal, work towards it. Learn something new everyday.
—Guest Good Samaritan

Journey to the center of Self

We must raise ourselves to the level of energy where we Are the light we seek, where we are the happiness we desire, where we are the love we feel is missing, where we are the unlimited abundance we crave. By being it, we attract it to us. By condemning its absence, we ensure that condemnation and discord will continue to flow into our lives. -taken from 'The Power of Intention'- by Dr. Wayne Dyer
—Guest Jerry H

What strategies stop negative thinking

I lift my head, look around, see others worse off than myself and then do what I can to help them.
—Guest Trish

Physical and Lots of Mental exercises!

When I feel depressed, i start thinking about the positive things that I have in life: a great husband, wonderful job, some very good friends, etc...when this didn't work, I go out and jog or run for a few miles...definitely get my mind working extra hard and there is no room for depression!
—Guest Tamra Shafer

negative thinking cycle

consider your self as a being. a source of light and not the body. all negative thoughts are coming from your karmic account to settle this. you need to connect yourself to abondance of positive thinking supreme soul shiva. to reach shiva you need to become thoughtless for one sec. let the negative clouds go ahead and you become a detached observer. you see yourself black because of dark cloud in your spiritual mind. stop connecting yourself to thoughts that are worldly. it will give you sorrow. disconect from this and connect to supreme soul shiva. www.pbks.info
—Guest jay

Start a coping toolbox

Go someplace where there are people, view a comody on T.V., GET THIS BOOK-"Peace In Every Step" by Thich Nhat Hanh, let yourself feel the power over losses and worry about dealing with the after affects later, journal all the things that work best for you, and the thing that don'r work as well when you're sad, caught in a negative thought cycle, or completely depressed, because it's important to have a plan of action. Depression and negative thinking can happen to any of us at any time, but especially when under a lot of stress.
—Guest Tina

byron katie

I have been immensely benefitted from the work of byron katie. It can delete depression of years within half an hour. very powerful technique
—Guest nidhi
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