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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

cant concentrate on my studies

i am 20yr old guy with lot of passionate towards my goals but i cant concentrate on my studies due to my addiction towards sexual thoughts i am trying to get away from that but its useless becoming normal that what i want can any one help me to get away from my thoughts plz. help
—Guest mano

Depressed or oppressed?

I can't find a job to pay my bills, and I feel like I will never find a job to pay my bills. The thought of going homeless is killing me inside. Today is the first day where I have only £5.00 in my wallet to spend. I don't know if I should pay for electricity key or pay for bread and eggs which I can make breakfast.
—Guest Elias


im hurt i feel heavy and i feel like this world is better off with,out me i feel like hating everyone wheres my love i have none i lost all love im smiling on the outside but im crying on the im so tired inside my heart feels as if its i gone i feel dead already im lazy i dont govout
—Guest tiara

My Experiance

I am soon fourteen. I have been depressed severely since I was eight years old. Six years of depression. No cure. I was diagnosed. But for some reason my doctors will not give me medication. I have a loving boyfriend. Who also is the happiest most perfect person... I feel so bad. I am always tense in the shoulders, tired, nervous, when people laugh- I assume it's about me. I alternate between starving myself to get to 100 pounds and stuffing myself with food when I fail. I am now 115...Too heavy. >.< I have been bellied in school my whole life... I have been abused. My father killed himself.. I guess it runs in the family, I have tried three times. Once jumping onto the highway. The second was drowning myself. The third was cutting, which I didn't realize would just be bloody. My 'family' thinks I'm happy now. My Boy and I have been in love for a month , I was happy.. But I'm slipping. Even him, the best thing in my life, cannot keep this dark cloud away for long.Rest in Peace
—Guest It will End With A Pow

body splitting in half

Depression has always been a part of my life I fill like my body is splitting in half I cry over everything my head fills like its going to pop I don't fill hungry and when I eat I throw up I'm skinny to the point to were it sick to look at my self I just want to stay in bed and die I have tryed everything doctors pills I even went to a hospital that helps with that nothing works I tryed drugs that made it worse so now I'm here I guess waiting to die sick of acting I'm happy sick of hiding the pain I wish there was help for depression that works but I try and try and its like life is slapping me in the face I just am quite and stay to myself I have nothing but anger for this depression its like a monster splitting me from the inside out a fight ill never win
—Guest fight ill never win

Falling in love with the wrong person

I'm 19 years old, just finished my school with great grades, I've lost all interest in the things that I used to like. All because I kept believing that one person held the same feeling for me as I did for her. Yet she just seemed to play with my emotions as they grew stronger. Finally I realized she never even liked me, which makes me very sad and suicidal. Feeling empty and sad are the only things I feel nowadays... I've been thinking of ending my life for some time now and I'm probably going to do the selfish thing and end it, I'm just so ready to give up...
—Guest someone

I feel so anxious most of the time

I am a 53-year old female, mother of two, grandmother of three, currently residing with my 43-year old invalid brother, who is actually the only person on whom I rely, as I no longer drive, & mist depend on him to drive me & pick me up from work...My depression seems to stem from the fact that I am once divorced, & am given to incredibly strong feelings of loneliness, sometimes assuring myself that my destiny is to die old and completely alone, as I am certain that I am too old, & physically unattractive to be with anyone of the opposite sex; I've had "relationships" on the past, all of which turned out to be one sided affairs, in which the fellow merely used me as a tool for money or sex, both of which I gave freely, & without any thought as to any possible ulterior motives...As I feel so alone & isolated now, my hygiene has diminished to the point that I sometimes go for two months without bathing, merely washing up, so as nor to be offensive to others, I think, why take the trouble
—Guest Lee

No reason to live/can't find one

I am 23 years old. College caused me to lose my religion, I feel empty and miserable off and on consistently. I have family that lives and supports me and a happy 7 year relationship with my soon to be wife, but my worry and negativity towards the future is tearing me apart. I don't want to be sad anymore. I don't want to worry anymore, I don't want to feel like there is no point to anything anymore, I have no role models, I am good at nothing, I am majoring (about to graduate) in a worthless field of study, marijuana doesn't hide the self loathing thoughts anymore, considering taking shrooms to find something or anything to believe in in terms of spiritual enlightenment. I don't know how to make myself excited about this world and my life when in the end none of it will matter. Myself, everyone I have ever known or loved, all forgotten in 150 years or less. Dust in the wind. It's so hard to motivate myself when I have nothing or no one to look up to.
—Guest Prefer to not be named


I'm 16 and my life is just a complete disaster. For the past 7 months I have been feeling so depressed and alone. I have friends but I find it awkward to talk about my problems with them. I'm going through a lot of family problems, I'm not getting good marks in school, my parents will most likely be divorcing and I just hate myself. I never feel like anything that I do is good enough. I have been suicidal since December. I just feel like things will never get better. I wanna take my life so badly. I haven't taken it yet since I feel that God will be upset with me since I am His creation and only he deserves to give and take life. I'm worthless. I pray that things will get better but that never seems to happen. I often feel like I deserve to have this pain though. I really can't stand myself. I'm just a ugly, fat, useless girl who deserves to suffer.
—Guest Kay


For a few years now I have been slowing droping. I have lost so much and seen so much death I have become imune. My mind a twisted gutter, swirling with thoughts and never slowing down. Everything is so random its hard to make since of any of it. I am unhappy in my marriage but stay because of her and knowing if I was going to leave then she ,ight feel this way. A burden I would not wish on anyone. I have been getting stronger but at a price. I have withdrawn socially and became numb to feeling. I am nither happy or truly sad just empty. I love life and would never consider taking my own but there has to be more and so I dift untill that day.
—Guest The true hollow man

Trapped in a rut.

HI, I m 39 years old. Never had a girlfriend, never kissed one, never had sex. I am good looking, have an excellent education, , a great job, I m athletic and very fit looking. Unfortunately I have high standards and want to be with someone who answers my expectations in terms of a being great mate. BUt I tried and tried finding the right woman and never managed to find that person until recently but got rejected. I m not pushy and I m not needy. I now feel detached from society and feel like dying. I wish I never could feel love. It can be the most beautiful feeling like it can be the most painful. If only I could find a good, understanding , fun partner. It takes months for me to trust someone and hoping to move on to a relationship. But the way things are going I m afraid I ll be forever lonely. I wish I could talk to someone close but I don t even have close friends only acquaintances.
—Guest Alexandre

Why Am I So depressed about my looks ?

i Cant use showing off clothes , i hate going out being normal like my friends , i hate hanging out with people, i hate looking at the mirror it makes me want to cry because i see myself and all i see is ugliness , my weight comes with it too im a 13 year old that weights 115 lbs and looks so fat , i thought of death a couple of times and i've cut my wrists uncontrollably, when i see my friends they all look beautiful and i'm the only one who guys dont even look at, and i'm the one who ends up being picked on, i've tried vomiting to loss weight but it didn't work it made me eat even worse afterwards. People remind me that i'm beautiful but everytime they say that i don't get happy , what i do is run to a mirror and take a look at myself and all i see is my ugly and fat lame self. i hate my self , i cant stand standing in the mirror or even taking pictures of myself, i hate going to the beach and showing off my body , while my friends have gorgeous bodies.
—Guest Melina


I believe that I have been suffering form "depression" for for most of my life. I am now 26, and was prescribed Paxil 8 years ago when I began having trouble focussing in college and realized that my "self-medicating" was destroying my grades and my life. I was tired of being hungover and taking anything I could find to numb the pain. I have been an artist since the day I was born..a writer, a poet, a musician, a painter...therefore, my mind often took me to very deep and sometimes extremely dark places. For a while, the ant-depressant worked for me and I spent many years on it because I finally felt "normal," became interested again in the things I once loved, sociable, but basically a different person. To me, being an artist who thinks about the life and the purpose of "why we are here in the first place," I began to figure that my personality, no matter how dark and sometimes over-the-top and perhaps weird, was all for a reason, because, that is the way God created me after all.
—Guest Artist hanging on to hope..

All lost & depressed

It's my wedding next month but I'm crying everyday. I love my future husband the most. He means the world to me. His anger makes me very sad. The constant shouts & tantrums from the person you love most drives u insane! Still I can never let go of him despite him telling me to leave him.i have shunned the whole world and made him my world. Now all I'm left with is emptiness as he seems to have left my world. Yet we are still getting married. I have lost interest in everything and everyone I know tells me thAt I look very dull and depressed. I'm very confused
—Guest WhySoMuchHate

My emptyness

I lost 4 people close to me 2 years ago and since that time i have lost everything I was. i used to be "the man" now i feel like i'm no longer a man. i don't or can't figure out who i am. I feel empty and i feel like i could tear my skin off right now. I have friends (although i feel nothing for them) they try there best. My family is well messed up. my mom is termanilly i'll and my father has MS so i tend not to share how i feel with them. I often feel rage and i am able to control it but sometimes i don't want to and just want to let go but i know the consiquencies would be dire for all if i did. my doctors don't care or that how i see it.
—Guest |Derek
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