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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

unsure about life and my self abilities

I just feel very low not fully happy in everything. i do second guessing about life and school n my purpose
—Guest unsure person

I don't want to do this

I hate school. I sometimes wish that I could just develop a bad illness or break my leg so I wouldn't have to go. I feel like everyone cares so much what everyone thinks. I just sit here, praying someone will notice how unwell I am. I don't sleep, so I get ill. I can't stop tossing and turning thinking about things - planning conversations I will have. I really want to leave, I feel like everything I think in my head is wrong and I shouldn't be thinking. I have no physical scars so I hope they come so I am not ignored anymore. They think I am so happy. I see things and I speak to myself in my head - I shout and swear at myself for thinking something. I speak to myself. I see things that I wish I didn't. I think about doing bad things. I'm dead inside.
—Guest Dead


My mother is chronically ill and so is my father now, and I am afraid that they will die. I also have a very rough past, full of abuse that haunts me. I go to school twenty hours a week and am working 35, but my job is very stressful so I feel like it's much worse than that. I feel sad and anxious all of the time. Two days ago, I started crying at work and decided to go on my lunch early, I didn't eat all day because all I could do while I was on my lunch is sit in my car and cry. I don't feel like anyone cares or understands what I am going through, not to mention I have no friends. I do have a boyfriend who is very good to me, but he lives a half an hour away and is always busy. I don't think he fully understands how much distress I am in. I don't think anyone does. I am too afraid to get help because I am afraid to share my life with a stranger. I am completely lost and don't know what to do. I feel like giving up.
—Guest Kristen

I feel trapped

It's like i'm walking on a neverending tight rope up in the sky where I expect to slip and fall at any moment. I spend my life worrying about what will come next. There's guilt and fear of hurting those person I love most. I feel more and more like a bad person, like a failure. I'm not good at anything not even at art. I often feel I don't deserve anything of what I have. I wish everything could stop and everything be forgotten.

I feel trapped

It's like i'm walking on a neverending tight rope up in the sky where I expect to slip and fall at any moment. I spend my life worrying about what will come next. There's guilt and fear of hurting those person I love most. I feel more and more like a bad person, like a failure. I'm not good at anything not even at art. I often feel I don't deserve anything of what I have. I wish everything could stop and everything be forgotten.

dont want to sound trivial but yeahh

im sure people bro you down all the time but my input is, well first of all, i was paying attention to the context and determined that you are a dude. lol that was obvious but a wise man once told me that suicide "oh no the s word" is a permanent option to short term problems. i don't want to tell you that i know everything but i've dealt with depression since i was 18 myself. my mind cannot eliminate the idea that i'm an insignificant addition to this world. i resorted to exercise ultimately. you see, ive done so much acid and such and my conclusion was that the math is too difficult (and i mean math) my observation states that the universe functions in a balanced operation. it's hard to explain but more challenging to contest the idea. bro, there is not enough space for me to elaborate my input but, the shits all a phase dude. u want someone to talk to? hit me up. i've dealt with long term depression. that shit sucks. i aint gona call u apussy, its serious jeoneddie0306@gmail.com
—Guest yoh`

Crippling Inertia

I'm not sure how to describe it. The best thing I can think of that exemplifies it, is when I was at a house party full of friends. Everybody was having a great time. Then suddenly, this concept hits you like a brick-wall, that – you're alone, in a room full of people. The facade grows tiresome, and you know that 'they' could not possibly comprehend anything you're thinking or feeling. It is a perpetual state of hopelessness; waiting for your first mistake so that you can curse yourself to the degree that any accomplishment is worthless. Most of all, it is feeling – or at times, knowing – that there is no 'help', and even if it existed you are unable to accept it through pride, embarrassment or a gripping sub-conscious fear that nothing can redeem you. I continue to feel depressed, and have thrown-away my university degree in my final year. I cannot contemplate the concept of living much longer. I beg anyone with the strength, to seek help, because you're a braver person than me.
—Guest Daniel

Im so confused

I don't feel good about myself, i look in the mirror and I'm not happy with who i am. Its not that I'm jealous but i have a really close sibling who is a year older then me, we have the same circle of friends, and I'm just known as the ugly sister, she is the favourite one in every situation, all my cousins like her better, i think my parents do to, every guy i start liking end up liking her. I have been going through with this my whole life but it was only recently have a actually thought about it and finally cracked. Ever since i thought of it I'm constantly sad, i don't want to do anything, i go out and i still feel sad, its not only the whole 'sister' problem. My grandfather died about 5 years ago and i think of it constantly, my parents have money problems, I have friends, but i don't know if they are real friends, by the end of the day i get upset by all these things, i cant even put a fake smile on anymore. I don't wanna talk to any1 cause i feel like they won't care. i h8 life
—Guest j beebeau


I do everything like anyone else but I don't feel anything of happiness or anything at all. When I smile I do it because I don't want to annoy people. I always feel like no one knows me at all, even some people who have been friends with me for almost 8 years. I can't seem to ever say what I want to and when I do try, everyone just speeks over me and ignores me. I have good grades because my brother does and they always congratulate him, it seems they don't do the same for me. Now that my brother moved they are always takling about him and wanting to call him at dinner. I don't speak because no one hears me or listens to me. I'm a teenager is there something wrong with me or am I over reacting?
—Guest JJ

Help me plz

Have u ever feel alone ? Lyk ur nothing in the world? N everyone Will be better without you . I want to die I feel so alone no one gets me At all I loss my best friend am cripple my mom hates me cuz am not able to do shit.my sister lies to them saying I hit her son n I didn't. No1 believes me
—Guest Carmen


I was born unwanted, never met my father, taken from my "mother" at 18 months old because of abuse and neglect. I am now an adult with bipolar II and my "mother" said to me last time we saw each other a week ago, that I'm filthy, lazy and a loser. I have a precious 3yr old daughter and a wonderful husband, I feel I let them down and I don't deserve them. I feel worthless most of the time. I just wanted to sleep and/or cry. How do I make them understand that I don't want to be this way. I don't choose to live like this.
—Guest Jennifer

I hate this

people underestimate the fact that we don't wish to feel like this but do...I have great friends yet I hurt them and push them away, I never feel like talking and not only do I feel like a terrible friend but a terrible son to my mother who I know would do anything for me, if I had one wish it would be to fee how I once was an not live with this crappy fake smile all the time...I feel upset and lonely and always so down but my attitude changes depending upon what I am doing. The worst thing is I feel like a burden to my friends and it frustrates and upsets me so much
—Guest David

Alone ,Upset

i always feel so upset recently:( i cant deal with allot of things i always feel like i cant do anything right. i dont knowif im deprssed but my mum use to suffer with it and i feel like im getting it but most of my family i fall out with on daily day and i just cant deal with it. have i come to the end of the line with everything can i take much more ? im lost inside and i just cant deal with it anymore. i dont tell anyone cause they always have problems of thier own and i dont wanna be telling them they might think i just need attenion but i really have hit rock bottom with everything. please lord help me .

What's wrong with me??

I started working last year and my work is fine, when am at work i feel fine.. but when am back at my place i feel so sad and so lonely, i feel like there's this heavy feeling weighing me down and i sometimes feel empty inside and numb. like i somehow don't know the purpose of my life, i don't feel comfortable in my own body therefor i don't go out... i don't have a boyfriend. my life is just so extremly boring, i hate weekends just cant wait for week days so i can go to work coz that's where i forget the feeling. when am at home i just feel like eating, i just wanna eat
—Guest Lonely

I Feel Like Dieing

I'm 28 my x just hit me with chilled support and they are taking 80% of my check then on top of that my gf are fighting like crazy for the passed months and now we don't fight but shes not inlove with me right now and she wants to wait day by day its driving me even more suicide ideas then she likes this other guy omg I cant take it.. everything is fine when she is home but after that she either acts different or pick fights.. its so hard to stay calm.. I don't think I could kill my self but somtimes I can.. I try to talk to her how I Feel shes sad with me but seams like it don't matter. Me and her both f up but all I want is to start over I hate feeling stressed about support and loosing mylove.. I ccan't even spell, type right because this is how I feel right now on the edge of life... its 04, 8, 2013 at 1am
—Guest GothicAlien

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