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Readers Respond: What Do They Feel Like?

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Updated December 10, 2011

From the article: Top 9 Depression Symptoms

You are probably familiar with depression symptoms, such as a depressed mood and a loss of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, but what does it really feel like to have depression?

One of the depression symptoms that really stood out for me was a feeling of heaviness in my body. I would sit down to play piano, which was something that had always given me a lot of joy, and it felt like I had weights attached to my arms, making a previously enjoyable activity feel like it was just too much effort.

What do your depression symptoms feel like to you?

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why feel

what I've learned the hard way is feeling does just lead to nothing but pain, I have tried to shut off my feelings altogether, which should be no problem as I have a medical condition, not noticeable (mental) that makes it hard to detect emotions, I am constantly tormented of past mistakes and girlfriends, I tried to beat it by pulling a different girl week in and week out but it only made me even more empty, I put on a strong front, infact no1 even has any clue that I am feeling so terrible nearly all the time. I don't have facebook or anything like that and my friends are few but they are close. I should not be feeling this bad, im 22 and just feel so alone and jelous of other peoples relationships, just to have someone who loves you and you can trust, not my 1night stands. don't know how long I can keep up this front...
—Guest jimbob

another damn day

I hate my life it sux.. im 24 and life is going so fast yet im nothing but just getting older with no accomplishments..i hate my mom for what she did dropping my sister and i off at my grandparents and being absent our whole childhood/teen years missing everything i have forgiven her but i cant seem to forget and think of it daily ..my father not any better just talked to him recently after 10 yrs.. i hate him .. i hate my sister for beating my ass as a child she is still crazy .. i hate my family for giving my sister everything she ever wanted and telling me to just get over it and "i dont know what to tell ya" my familys answer for me for everything.. i always wonder what my life could have been if my papa was still alive he died when i was 8 ...thats truley when my life went to hell and when god let me down .. i feel like im being selfish i feel like a loser .. i have no friend anymore.. my boyfriend and i are breaking up after 7 yrs. what a waste ..hateing life and so lost
—Guest lyssa

Please tell me this won't last forever

I am so mentally fucked up. I've got anxiety issues and I feel like dirt every single day. My life falls apart more and more every day. I want to feel happy so bad but nothing seems to be working. Help! :( I'm so hurt by my past and I can't seem to shake it all. Life is a major fucking struggle and I have hardly any friends and the ones I do have are fucking useless excluding 1 or 2. I'm fucked up. I miss my friend that I pushed away so badly. He was a big part of me. Now I'm too scared to talk to him. Afraid that I've ruined everything! My family is falling apart. My work life is fucking shit! And I am severely alone. Nobody really cares. I feel one day I'm going to just collapse and break or kill myself. I hate depression and if I could have one wish I would wish for eternal happiness for everyone. Sounds cliche but how good would it be? If only...
—Guest Jessica

What is wrong with me??

I feel like a failure. In school I thought I had all this potential. And then living on my own for the last 7 years, I realized I am worthless. It seems so easy for other people to live and work and function. I don't want to be around people. I move around alot. And if I decide to be social, which is very rare, I drink to the point of blacking out. I make terrible decisions. It's gotten to the point where I don't leave my bed. My boyfriend has picked up the slack, has been working to pay for everything, but that makes me feel worse. I decided I was going to move back with my family. Its the only way to get back on my feet and to feel ok again. I will have to leave my boyfriend, which is very sad for me. But I can't go on living here. He's all I have here and the friends I have made all drink all the time, and that's not a good environment for me anymore. Sometimes, I think by leaving this city, I will save myself. And other times I think moving away will leave me with regrets. Im lost
—Guest kb

Empty inside

For me, once depression hits... it's just a never ending, vicious cycle. I hate to feel this way. A sunny day doesn't cheer me up anymore. Things that made me happy before, don't really do it for me now. I'm always tired. Stressed beyond measure. I'm always anxious. Constantly overthinking. My negative thoughts always provoke depression, and like I said -- it's a downward spiral from there. I just start thinking of all the mistakes I've made, or feel stupid for trusting people. I build walls that are pretty impossible to break through. I'm torn between wanting to feel closeness to other people/friends, but at the same time I want to protect myself from being hurt again. I'm a mess, full of self doubt. I hate depression. It changes me into a person that I don't even know anymore. In the deepest depths of it, I've had scary suicidal thoughts. I tried therapy, but maybe it wasn't a good fit. I'm just hoping I can pull through and be more resilient finally.
—Guest JC

Daily war

So many symptoms here I can relate to. Every day is a battle to feel any kind of worth, at best you can be hyper for a few hours, at worst it feels like no one would even notice you if you were gone. Medication stopped my dick from working. Cheers. All you an do it seems it make do and mend. Push through the really terrible times and then try to repair the things you or others may have damaged. But I understand that someways you actually feel like you're going crazy, like you're going to actually lose your sense of self and be unable to act rationally. Those times pass, the true test is just pushing on through them. They weaken eventually. But for sure, it is a fight, and it's one you really can't give up on. The opponent outnumbers *and* outguns you. But you *have* to win. And you will.
—Guest You aren't alone

why am i like this?

i`m 16 and in highschool. i have a large friend group, but i never really act the way i feel around them. i feel like crying, like yelling at them, why do you like me, why do you hang around me, what am i, how is it imake you happy when all i wanna dois cry!?! i have a good home and loving parents, too loving maybe, when i was little i was sheltered and got upset easily so other children didnt like me. when i was sad or hurt and cried i would be ridiculed by anyone and everyone, so now i cant help but try to hide all my hurt feelings, every chink in my armor gets replaced bya wall blocking everyone, its a wall of fear. when i try to explain, icant speak,i cantbreathe. i feel sick like someone is choking me sqeezing me punching me. and it hurts and icry, now my parents are so used to mecrying they arnt concerned anymore, i feel alone,i cant tell them because it feels liketheyve forgotten and abandoned me. i can barely sleep, i'm so tired and the mask i wear outside the house that preven
—Guest i'm suffocating

Who Am I?

All my life I have been living like a phantom, doing things just cus i was told, or cus i was weak,, i don't know who Emily is. My mind spins in a vortex of thoughts and i never stick with anything i do. i live in constant fear, doubts, i can't be around people too long i get anxious. I observe people even those i knew living their life, going out, having jobs , relationships, a family while i know i can't , i am alone cuz i cannot cope and i feel like a failure, a mistake, like i don't belong to this world.. I have no idea why I am here, who I am, why i feel this way, i have no purpose, and i stare the livings through a looking glass cuz i feel cursed and believe no matter what i do. in my life i will never be happy, important, or loved.
—Guest Emily

I don't know

what to do. I cry all the time for no apparent reason. I am just sitting in a void of nothingness and I see no chance of it getting better. I can't say I have highs and lows because all it seems is low and lower. I tried a depression chat room, I thought maybe, just maybe I could find someone who cared enough just to talk to me but they didn't. They all seemed to know each other and didn't want to invite another person in. Am I invisible? Because no one seems to see me. I think I will just fade away.
—Guest I am alone

I have everything, but i have nothing

I have all I could ever want. I have a sweet and pretty girlfriend, a family that loves me, a well paying job, a roof over my head, friends, and people in general who do care. Despite all of this, I can't seem to bring myself to smile. Ever since middleschool I've felt a deep void, but it would usually come and go. This time it's here and it's been going on for almost 3 months. Nothing I used to love interests me, and I've tried new things, and met new people, but none of it brings me the satisfaction I'm begging for. A couple days ago, I thought long and hard about who would miss me if I were gone. I have people who would miss me, but I felt even worse and pathetic for letting myself feel so low. Its been a long battle, and it's still ongoing.
—Guest Damien0709


I feel weird inside, my brain is skipping time; feel really bad. it's like dying... but the question is will it ever end?
—Guest Helping hand

It feels empty.

It's bloody hell. Literally. It hurts, and yet is nothing. The little scraps of feeling you do get never last. You stay up late, wondering about everything, and lose everything you were before. People tell you it's just a phase. They're lying. They'll say it gets better. I have no idea.
—Guest Kira


I was once a child once growing up myself when I was a child I never had things handed to me but was always handed to my my siblings mother father and all their family members and at the point I was pretending to be happy why so I didn't have to hurt my family but then as I started getting older my life was okay and because I had friend that I could call and go to their house with out no problem I was love being the center of Atteation and now that older its like no matter what I say or do nothing is gonna change the way that I feel inside
—Guest Quanna


I was once a child once growing up myself when I was a child I never had things handed to me but was always handed to my my siblings mother father and all their family members and at the point I was pretending to be happy why so I didn't have to hurt my family but then as I started getting older my life was okay and because I had friend that I could call and go to their house with out no problem I was love being the center of Atteation and now that older its like no matter what I say or do nothing is gonna change the way that I feel inside
—Guest Quanna

Ready to Throw in the Towel...

I've been dealing w/ major depression going on 5yrs now & am just so tired, I just want to go to sleep... I initially sought help from a local church who directed me to therapy. The depression got worse so I went to a hospital where I was assigned a phychiatrist who prescribed antidepressants & mood stabilizers. Since, I have attempted suicide 4 times, been hospitalized numerous times, changed meds, therapists & phychiatrists & have even had ECT. I also sought spiritual help. I truly wish I could say that I feel better & love life, that I found hope, peace & joy in God! But that would only be wishful thinking. Sometimes I sleep too much & at other times, my mind races & I go days w/o sleep. I think about death a lot. My failed attempts still frustrate me. I don't really say anything to anyone anymore. I don't think there is anything that anyone can do to help me. And try as I might, I can't lift this heaviness. I can't fix me. I can only fake it. And I'm so tired of that too.
—Guest Hopeless & Exhausted

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What Do They Feel Like?

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