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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

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Updated December 10, 2011

Coping Quotes

My dad told me that taking one day at a time is sometimes even too much to bear. Sometimes you have to take one hour at a time.

Favorite Depression Quote...

"Never take life serious, for you will know when to laugh." A man of children told me that at my worst depression time of my life, and yet that's what pulled me through and allowed me to move on.

Depression Quotes

Told me be a psychologist: "Depression is anger directed inward."
—Guest NMRed1000

I love sleep...

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know." -Ernest Hemingway
—Guest Tigger


"Their smiling faces point out my inability to enjoy anything." -Ben Stone, a character in the movie "Knocked Up"
—Guest Holly

Helena at Balance Whanganui

I have two favourites. The first was said by a charge nurse in a hospital I favoured with my presence for some time. He said, "When you are going through hell - keep going!" The second is a very old saying, simple, but effective. "When you turn to the sunshine, your shadows fall behind," particularly apt for people recovering from depression!


During those "black days", friends often try to rouse me from my self-imposed "house arrest". Often a line from a Woody Allen film pops to mind, when Diane Keaton was trying to convince Woody to join a Manhattan tennis club. Woody's response: " Why would I want to join a club, that would accept someone LIKE ME as a member?" When I inevitably laugh at that, I feel better already! If not, then WHY not, right?


Mine include: "Depression is like a psychic freight train of roaring despair"- Tracy Thompson "There's the expression 'The lights are on and nobody's home'. With depression, the lights are off and somebody's definitely home". -- Unknown "Depression is like being swallowed whole from the inside out". -- my own
—Guest Debbro

Favorite quote

"Creativity is the antithesis of depression. It is a way of saying that what I think and feel matters...Depression is not just an illness, but a failure of creativity. We all face the problem of creating meaning in our lives. When we're depressed, we've lost hope for meaning. We all need to make a delberate effort to make the self fertile; for the depressive, that effort is essential to life." Richard O'Connor, Undoing Depression

"Depression is..."

"...rage turned inward." A clinical psychologist told me that once. It makes sense in my particular situation.

Depression Quote

"Listen, someone’s screaming in agony—fortunately I speak it fluently." –Spike Milligan, in The Goon Show
—Guest michaelangelica

Depression Quote

"I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy." –Franz Kafka, in his journal
—Guest michaelangelica
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